Nexus 7 joins the tablet family!

The box itself is really welcoming!

Let me start off first by saying that this is not another unboxing of the nexus 7. I received plenty of requests to write a review on this device (even by my ASUS contacts person himself) so I couldn’t help myself but writing about it. I have already promise myself that whenever Google will launch its tablet, I will definitely get one for myself. This is going to be a really interesting review – by far one of the those that I enjoyed the most playing around with.

Little did many people know, the Nexus 7 is actually the rumored ASUS 370t which was supposed to launch in September. There’s another hint there ;) Yep, officially, ASUS plans to bring in the Nexus 7 to Malaysia in September. If you have not owned a tablet before and have been planning for one, I would highly recommend getting this one. I’m still wondering how did Google tag the price of this tablet yet keeping it so perfectly tight and powerful.


Holding the Nexus 7 reminded me the days when I got my Nexus One. The touch of a sleek hardware, coupled with luxury looking materials was what I felt when I got my Nexus One. And since then, through the Nexus journey with Samsung devices, the hardware experience has been pretty ugly – until the Nexus 7. The mesh at its back make an excellent grip and the device just lands perfectly in your hands. The buttons are accessible and well positioned, while the surface is just bold, simple and sleek. Its an experience that any Android enthusiast definitely MUST try!


Once again, this is not an unboxing article so I am not going to talk about the specs which you guys most probably already know by now. This display is one of the best I have ever seen on a 7″ tablet to date. The colors are so vivid, and the interface is so smooth that I’d rather watch videos on my tablet instead of my 60″ HDTV now. I own the HTC One X as my daily mobile device and it has a stunning display as well. The Nexus 7 makes my One X look “fake” with its ultra vivid colors. The display itself is already a very strong reason why you should get the Nexus 7!


My words? Nexus 7 pwns the iPad like nobody’s business! If you have owned a tablet before, you will definitely agree that the smoothness of the UI is not as silky as iPad has. Prepared to be wowed then! The quad core Tegra 3 processor plus the Android Jelly Bean totally changes the Android experience! For the past years, I have always failed to really satisfy myself when it comes to smooth transition of the devices, but finally Nexus 7 has done it! As far as the 12 cores GPU is concerned? My powerful HTC One X suddenly feels sluggish when I play the same intense games on both devices. I gotta say, this is by far the best investment I’ve made in a gadget – and my predictions were accurate! You will not be let down by the performance of the Nexus 7 :)


When Google first announced this device with no camera, I switched on my previous tablet and started counting the number of images that I had taken before on my tablet. Apparently, I had over 500 pictures which were actually synchronized from Dropbox, which were uploaded by my phone. Pictures that were actually taken using the tablet were 2. Both were test pictures when I first got the device. I realized how stupid those people look to me who carried tablets to snap pictures. So, removing the rear camera really was an excellent decision. We really don’t need it!

The Verdict?

You know it. This tablet is a must have! Google ran out of stocks upon their first batch delivery, and many people have been testing it as well with positive reviews. What does that call for? You judge :) If you have no intentions to buy a tablet, my advice is not to try the device or be prepared to spend that cash :)

Nothing is Perfect

Once again, as always, there is nothing perfect in this world. After sometimes, I realized that the hardware is so sleek that if you do not protect it, you may end up damaging it – and that will make your Nexus 7 look even cheaper! Apart from that, there were several complaints on the display not properly attached to the device, GPS signal problems and some minor electrical faults. Regardless, this device is a MUST HAVE!


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