Hi guys..Well, straight to the point, I joint Nokia N76’s “Your talent for Nokia NSeries” recently and I made some designs for the Nokia’s new superior clamshell..To all my friends, I would like you to evaluate my work and rate it for me..High ratings are welcomed :D

This pieces of work of mine took me almost a week for each to design..No, it’s not any typical image at the background or something..The whole design was made on Adobe Photoshop..So you guys can immagine the time it took to make the fine lines of Denim especially the pocket on the back side of the phone..So please guys, give some input and help me..I need your votes..Comments may proceed if you have anything to discuss :)

p/s: Btw, I’ll have a friend of mine who’ll be posting on the blog too..Keep updated and make sure you have subscribed to this blog already..Coz lots more cool stuff is coming up soon :)