The NVIDIA Shield is now available for purchase! For $300, you’re getting a Tegra 4 gaming handheld that can do a whole lot of things. Aside from being able to play TegraZone games and more hot titles from the Google Play Store, the SHIELD also allows you to stream full-fledged PC games from your eligible NVIDIA GeForce-based PC.

Other specs for this device include a 5-inch 720p display, 2GB of RAM, HDMI out, 2×2 MIMO WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, and more. It also has a full-fledged gamepad built-in which features a full suite of triggers, analog sticks and face buttons to control any game you want to play — Android, PC, or otherwise — with ease.

The device is shipping from NVIDIA now, so if you’re interested be sure to head to the silicon vendor’s site to order one. Be on the lookout for our official review in the hours to come, and don’t forget to visit the NVIDIA SHIELD section at AndroidForums.com to get going with community discussion, questions, and more!

Source: http://phandroid.com