Okay, my house owner just moved out and a new one came in. The old one removed the phone line and the new tenants said that they already have a phone line so they want to move it to the new house. SO in the midst of this twitched case, I am the one who suffered. Now, I pushed the new tenant real hard to move the phone line ASAP so I can go online. He kept telling me that he did, but the TMNet guys never came. One day, out of rage, I called them up myself and even the call centre guys told me that there have been already 4 reports regarding the same case (then why the fuck are you guys not coming?).

I couldnt wait any longer, but I kept patience and let them do their job. But 8 weeks guys!! Fuckin 8 weeks! No answer yet! Its just moving a phone line! I was planning to get their 4MB package, but hell! No more! My friend Collin got himself the 400kbps P1 W1max. I didnt had much faith in it coz I hardly trust wireless broadbands. I’ve tried Celcom and Maxis and both had disastrous results. There I was, sitting alone one day, doing nothing – yeah, no internet still. I decided to go to Collin’s house and just give Wimax a shot. While I was driving down to his house, I set my mind to think “its just 400kbps, don’t expect too much out of it”. There I was, at his house with my laptop. I plugged the LAN cable attached to the Wimax modem, and within a minute, the connection was automatically established.

I opened google (praise your god before surfing..lol..) and the holy google-god loaded in 1 second..duh..why am i not surprised? Even the worst connection – which happens to be Maxis, loads google pretty fast..I have a list of several pages comprising of flash, PHP, XHTML and ASP integrated with Javascript to test for internet connections. ANd guess what? Wimax really did a good job! For a 400kbps, that’s very fast!

Long story made short, I went down to Wimax booth and ordered my package. I took the 1.2MBps package which instantly got activated within an hour. The speed? Amazing! If I ever knew Wimax was this fast, I would’ve fucked streamyx long ago. Now I regret I even waited for 8 weeks for a stupid phone line transfer.

Now, you would have heard about the downloading cap they have on Wimax? Yes they do have it. Once u reach a certain quota, it will reduce 20% of your speed. I am in total support of this. To those who are crazy downloaders, they deservce this. Because of this bandwidth sucking mutherfuckers, the whole area gets slower broadband, and it is not fair to those who need speed to surf and do work (like me). So the downlaoders still can download. They will still get what they are downloading – but just slightly later. So, to me, Wimax stands out of all the broadband providers so far – and congrats to them, they won my wireless broadband confidence back :)