Holla kids…
Today I would like to talk more about poverty. As we all know, poverty is not something new among us today. A good example would be in Africa. Although Im no Bono, Angelina Jolie or David Beckham who works for UNICEF but I can still contribute through my words. As the pen is mighteir than the sword :-)

From a couple of sources from the internet, it was said that some countries in Africa has been in the deep poverty status for more than 50 years. Although that the aid from all over the world was accumulated around $2.3 trillion for the past 5 decades yet Africa is still in a dangerous state of poverty. Speculations said that most of the money that were channelled to this purpose were misused by some corrupted organizations and personnel.
Sources said that in order for Africa to develop rapidly against poverty, a small amount of $15 to $17 per person for per year. I repeat per year. We hear people and organizations from everywhere on the tele, radio and print media speaking on behalf of those unfortunate in Africa and gathering some money for them and yet, they are still not enough of money. Why??
This is a work of a dirty minded people and group of people that will be yet discovered by us. The Pentagon for example spends $600 billion each year for military and security purposes. For less than 100th of that spending, the fund could help ALL AFRICANS to survive. And for one day of Pentagon’s spending, that amount of money can provide a comfort bed with the proper mosquito nettings for each sites/camps for the next five years! Yes five years!! :-(
We should be lucky that we are living in a better place. For those unfortunates in Africa, I am asking the same questions. Why do we hear so much about the aid against poverty but yet the results are lesser? Why do westerns politicians always use this issue to gain vote? When will the truth will be segragated from lies? Will there be more Bono, Angelina Jolie, David Beckam, Robbie Wiliam, Micheal Owen and all? Wake up my friends… These are the truth that will be slowly unfold. And as for me, I will still writing about those who are unfortunate. Like the spanish proverb says, De lanada salel todo “De la nada sale el todo,Y el todo se hace nada” that bring the meaning of from nothing to something and from somthing to nothing. With all of the helps and support towards erradicating poverty, we can make it. Lets celebrate this 50th indipendence day with a sense of moderation in us. Thank you…