Hello boys and girls/ psp freaks!
Sony have just launched their newer and improved PSP These are the features on the newer PSP.
Lighter wieght
It was said that Sony is reducing the weight of the actualy PSP by 33% The old and actual PSP that I have and we have weight around 280 grams and will be reduced to 189 grams.
Slimmer look of the PSP
The new PSP will have a new look as well because Sony has made the new PSP 19% slimmer than the usual PSP. So it is sleekier and slimmer :-)
Output features
For a bigger and better experience PSP time, the new redesign PSP has the output to tv and usb cable charger. The USB cables that is plugged into the PSP are able to recharge the PSP batteries at the same time. This is the latest feature in the newer PSP.
Audio System
Since the older PSP system’s audio has a lack of power because of the location of the speaker, the Sony team has replaced the location of the speaker next to the screen. It is so that the sounds that is generated by the PSP could go straight to the player’s ear instead of travelling downwards the psp.
Anamel Coated
The Slim N Light PSP’s cover is coated with anamel so that it is scratch proof and looks better. Compared to the older PSP, the metalic colour from the PSP tends to fade away as the time grows but differ from the newer one, the colour of the PSP will last longer and looks nicer too. Awesome huh?
Anyways, since that the newer PSP is slimmer that the older ones, the capacity of the battery has been reduced to 1/3 of the normal span. Although the older battery can still be fitted in the slot of the newer PSP but the cover wouldnt hold the battery. Thats the only cons of it.
The latest news from the gamers website says that the first 2 weeks sale of the PSP Slim N Light was half a million units. Imagine that!! The anticipation of the gamers all around Japan only! Although that newer PSP is slightly better than the old one, I must say that I am a big PSP fan and no matter what happened, I will still love my old PSP.