Buenos dias kids…
Its a sad sad world that we live in right now. People, politicians, countries and leaders think that weapon is a symbol of power nowadays. Weapons that were made to kill another human being. Why is it seems to be like a trend these days? An arm race amongst the every nations that leads to the union of “The united ARMED nations”.

Friday, August 28: Washington – The Defense Department said Friday it was proposing to sell Israel advanced missiles and aviation fuel worth up to $642 million and tank kits to Egypt worth up to $847 million.
Israel has requested as many as 200 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air missiles manufactured by Raytheon Co., the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency told Congress.
Israel is also interested in up to 30 Harpoon anti-ship missiles built by Boeing Co. and 500 AIM-9M Sidewinder short-range air-to-air missiles built by Raytheon, the notice said.
Taken together, the cost of the three missile packages could be as high as $334 million if all options are exercised.
In addition, Israel is seeking up to 90 million gallons of JP-8 aviation fuel and 42 million gallons of diesel fuel at an estimated combined cost of $308 million, the defense agency said.
The proposed sale of the aviation fuel will enable Israel, the closest U.S. Mideast ally, to maintain its aircrafts’ operational capabilities, the agency said.
It said Egypt was seeking up to 125 MIA1 Abrams tank kits, including thermal viewers, firepower enhancements and armor upgrades, potentially worth up to $847 million.
The proposed sale would boost the output of an Abrams tank co-production program, started in 1988, from its current 880 tanks, to 1,005, the agency said. The prime contractor would be General Dynamics Corp., it said.
The United States has longstanding commitments to Israel and Egypt, which in 1979 became the first Arab state to make peace with Israel.
Earlier this month, the Bush administration offered Israel a record $30 billion, 10-year military aid package described
as strengthening a regional bulwark against Iran.
The planned U.S. funding increase could finance purchases such as those now being considered. The notification to Congress of a potential sale is required by law. It does not mean a sale has been completed.
This was taken from the source of Reuters.
From this newsclip, what can we conclude? This is not how things suppose to be like. Leaders from all around the world are blinded with this power for the massive factor. I would like to express my highest respect to Iceland. This is because believe it or not, Iceland is the only country in this world who doesnt own their own military force. They dont export their military force neither. In another word, they are the vulnerable country in the world. But yet, have you heard anything about Iceland? War against Iceland? No!! Because the people/goverment doesnt believe in violence in order to lay down the regulations…
Even a tiny country like Singapore owns a couple of submarines… Why do they need them? We (Malaysian government) just bought some Russian made Sukhoi fighter planes and they reckoned that “it is better than the American made F/A18″ Why???
Until today, the only thing that the politicians, the corporate and the leaders all around the world cares about are oil, military and money. When will it stopped? We saw what happened on Afghanistan and Iraq. Let us not wait for another war of the world. Lets erradicate this idea among us. Let us rage against the weaponry. We dont want to create a world that is under The United Armed Nations. Violence is not the answer…