Hi there guys..
Let’s do some simple hacking today – Making your Windows Live Messenger (aka MSN messenger) neat..Now, before we begin, can you spot the difference between these two versions of Windows Live Messenger?
Windows Live Messenger Before HackedWindows Live Messenger after hacked
Well, of course the second one looks neat..So if you want your Messenger to look the same way, follow the simple tutorial :)
Now this trick isn’t new..I have been using this ever since the MSN messenger v7.5. I had the script in my external hard disk for heaven knows how long, so I gave it a try and YES! It works with the Windows Live Messenger too..So how do we do this stuff?
How does this trick work? Simple..All that has to be done is just changing the hexadecimal code in the registry from 1 to 0..Now this can be done manually, but since people like the easy way, I will just show you how to do this the easiest way..
First of all, download THIS file to your desktop or any location of your choice. Then, extract it and you will find a file named “ted.exe” which is an executable file. This script will automatically change the hexadecimal value for you – and to be safe, you can re-enable the tabs again. Once you ahve executed the file, it looks like this:
Windows Live Messenger Tab Enabler and Disabler
In the field, insert your username eg: username @hotmail.com and click disable tabs. Once you have clicked it, you will have to sign-out and then sign-in again..Tada..The tabs are gone..Smart isnt it? Leave a comment as a token of appreciation or if you want to discuss the issue..Till the next time, Cheers~