Root your ASUS Transformer B70, B80+ or ASUS Slider

Finally, the long awaited root for B70+ devices is here! Kudos to Androidroot for their RazorClaw tool! Not only its awesome, its very easy to use! What it does is, it uses the ASUS’ new backup utility to provide the root on the device. Pretty nifty! That means, you need to have the ASUS Backup utility first. If you don’t, upgrade your firmware. I tested mine on Build Number and it worked like a charm! I’ve been waiting forever for this root utility! How to ROOT?!

Devices Supported:

It has currently been tested on the following devices and ROM versions:

  • ASUS Transformer TF101 (
  • ASUS Transformer 3G TF101G (
  • ASUS Slider SL101 (

1. Make sure you have the ASUS Backup utility. It will be listed as “App Backup” in the app drawer. If you dont have it, connect to the internet and upgrade your firmware.

2. Download the RazorClaw root app from your tablet. (Mirrored for AndroidRoot for their awesome work!)

3. Run the RazorClaw tool and hit the “root me nao” button.

4. You were expecting more? Too bad. Now go and enjoy the device!

Big thanks and love goes to:

  • IEF
  • kmdm
  • RaYmAn
  • Bumble-Bee
  • lilstevie

Please donate to them by following this link. They deserve all the credits and love! Don’t donate to me for this. I’m just their thankful supporter who is spreading the word :)

  1. Jim Reid
    #1 written by Jim Reid  (7 years ago)

    Just thought you’d like to know RazorClaw didn’t work on my Slider. I’ve tried Razorclaw and z4root and both said it was rooted but when I try to run TI Backup it says it can’t get root. Also, Busybox won’t install correctly because it can’t get root and SuperUser won’t work either.

    Don’t know what I did wrong because I have already rooted my phone and it worked fine but my tablet I can’t seem to root.

  2. Review hape
    #2 written by Review hape (3 years ago)

    Do you also have the trick for Zenfone 2?

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