The New Samsung Galaxy S4


After Samsung Galaxy S3 sold millions over the world, they released another smartphone where to be released to the market soon, the new Samsung Galaxy S4. After making some research, compared to their previous S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 is much better and worth it if you want to trade your old Samsung Galaxy.


The overall look and feel of the GS4 is pretty much like the GS3. In fact, the phones have nearly identical footprints. The GS4 is a tad more narrow and ever so slightly slimmer. It’s also lost a bit of its curve on the back.

The volume and power button are in their usual places on the sides of the phone. At the bottom you have a slightly redesigned physical home button which is a little bigger — that’s flanked by disappearing back and menu buttons. The home button still have the same functionality as the previous Galaxy series which requires you to long press for multitasking and Google Now, double press for S Voice.

The new GS4 has 5 inches with 1080p display, this smartphones also covered in Gorilla Glass 3, crammed into the same form factor as the 4.8-inch Galaxy S3, and they’ve done it by shaving off the bezels. It’s a sight to behold.

Compared to S3, the back of the phone’s been redesigned a little bit. The speaker’s moved to the bottom, and the flash is directly beneath the centered 13-megapixel camera lens. There’s sort of a cool holographic design on the battery cover.

The internals have increased accordingly, as well. Depending on your region, the Galaxy S4 will either be powered by an Exynos 5 or a Snapdragon processor. You’ve got the requisite 2 gigabytes of RAM on board as well.

The last physical difference is the addition of an IR blaster on the top of the phone, used for controlling televisions and components. We’ve seen that on the likes of the Galaxy Note 8.0 as well as other manufacturers’ smartphones this year.


The new Samsung Galaxy is running Android 4.2.2, the most recently released version of Android. TouchWiz has been refined which some great new animations are added. And while it still might not be our favorite customization, Samsung continues to improve it, and that should be applauded.



Samsung long has had excellent camera software, and improvements in the Galaxy S4 border on the ridiculously awesome. Modes are easier to flip through. There are a host filters with which you can play artist to your heart’s content, and Samsung’s made it easy to switch between them and see them all at once.

One of the new features in S4 that you gonna love is dual-recording, a sort of picture-in-picture mode that records from both cameras simultaneously. There are a number of options for the secondary recording — a postage stamp, split screen, or a heart, etc. — and you can flip between the front and rear cameras.

There are a number of other new features, including the ability to record 8 seconds of sound with an image, or “Drama shot,” which combines a burst of images into a single image. “Story Album” groups together images based on a number of criteria, including geolocation.


There are few new features included in the new Samsung Galaxy S4 which can change your mind about Samsung.

Overall, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a lot of new features compare to the older previous Galaxy series. It will outshine most smartphones out there when it enters the market.

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