Unbreakable 64 character code
Hello everybody..Well, sorry for being silent for a while..I’m going to face my final exams soon for this semester, so things are not really going as scheduled..Damned Angel Lucifer got a job too and looks like he’s been off the scene for a moment too..Anyway, here I am to spice things up :) Now guys, ever felt that your password is too easy to get cracked? Doesn’t matter if you have a password like h4xx0r or un8r34k4bl3 or whatsoever, they just seem too vulnerable don’t they? Now if you think so, read on..Things are never going to be the same :)
Now, I was surfing around and just had a thought that my password for this blog, which is “trinketyl33t” is just not secure enough..So I was playing around with my best friend – Google and I ended up with a rather interesting website. It’s called “Ultra High Security Password Generator” and as the name suggests, it generates 64 random hexadecimal passwords which are nearly unbreakable..Now if you want to give this site a try, click here.
As you can see in the image above, the password that it generated is a 64 character string with random hexadecimal codes (numbers and characters) being slot in. Let’s do some fun calculations. I know Angel Lucifer doesn’t like numbers so I purposedly would like to chip in these figures..meh..Here we go..

Now, the hexadecimal consists of 26 alphabets, and 10 digits (including zero)..
That’s a total of 36 characters per slot..
If you have 64 slots in your string,
There will be a possibility of 36^64 = 4.01199191 × E99 ways your password can be arranged..(E99 means 10 to the power of 99)
Now suppose if you have a supercomputer that is capable of making 1000000 (1 million) calculations per second..
This computer will take (4.01199191 × E99) / 1000000 = 4.01199191 × E93 seconds estimate to crack your password..
How long is this period?
In one day, we have 24 hours = 1440 minutes = 86400 seconds..
So, (4.01199191 × E93) / 86400 = 4.64350916 × E88 hours..
That is, (4.64350916 × E88) / 364.25 = 1.27481377 × E86 years to crack your password

(Angel Lucifer must be cursing when he reads this :P)..And that is if you never changed your password..This means, if our ancestors created a supercomputer in their days, by now, the cracking would be still going on – and would be going on until a newlyborn baby dies at 150 from today..Geez..that’s a long way to go..
Hey, wait a minute..this calculation was just for the HEXADECIMAL password..which means, all CAPS alphabets, and numbers..Immagine if you had an 63 character ASCII codes or 63 characters alpha-numeric password..Man, you’d go nuts! I have taught you how to calculate, burn your own calculators..I aint risking mine :D To those who are seriously nuts about the calculation, ASCII has 128 characters among which 95 are usable in the password..So go and do the rest of the calculation..
Well guys, if you really are serious about protecting your stuff (email, files, system lockdown, etc), then you may want to consider using these passwords..To me, unless if I had a bank account with a 340 billion dollars diamond inside, I wouldn’t bother having such a long password..Use if you must..How to remember it? That’s you to decide :)
The moral of the story is…

  • Quarter of the visitors are now frustrated to know that my password is NOT trinketyl33t :P
  • One/Hundredth of the visitors actually did the rest of the stupid calculation
  • I did the calculation on a Casio fx540 calculator
  • Harry Potter isn’t hairy at all

So I hope you had a hard time reading this post..At least it will keep you a little busy till my finals are over :P For any feedback, comment to the post..Enjoy and god bless :)