I believe that letting your feeling out is better than keeping it inside of you. So today, I would like to share with each one of you about my secret. I believe that by letting your negative energy out will help you emotionally and physically at a certain point. It is theraputic I believe. Dont you think so? :-p Ok.. Enough with the crap and lets start the counselling session :-p For those who wants to let out their anger or sadness, you can do so here too. Life is not like what we see in the television.

Ok… Since im starting this session let me start by sharing with you guys about my secret. I have a phobia when Im driving. When ever Im driving alone, I will have the tendency to put my left hand at the seat belt’s buckle. And also, the door would be unlocked on all sides.

Heres the reason why. I believe that everything that runs on petrol is flammable. So is the car right? Or any vehicle since they run on gas or petrol or whatever you call it. So anyways.. I am scared that one day, my car will blow up while Im driving. So thats the reason why I always keep my hand at the seat belt’s buckle and the door always unlocked. Plus, I have been practising (mentally) about what I will do when I am actually in that situation!

In a split second, I will close my eyes, reach the seat belt’s buckle and open the door. As simple as that! For me, I dont give a shit about what will happened to me once I rolled out from the car but the point is, I am out of the car and a survivor! Hahahaha… Weird right? Well, I have told you my secret, when are you going to tell me yours? Till next time amigos!

Vamos Pendejos!
Angel “H” Lucifer