“ShutDowner” - on a timer
A few of my friends asked me for some computer pranks which are harmless and can award a good laughter to the pranksters. A few came across my mind such as nuke attacks or excessive packet distribution but that, at some extent can cause harm to the computer. So after some serious thinking, I thought of one good one! A prank which can also be used for a good cause ;-)

This is what I would call “ShutDowner” which shuts down the computer with several attributes of your choice. How the prank works: There is an attractive icon on the desktop which links to something your victim can’t resist. Now, curiosity killed the cat. The victim clicks on the icon and pooof! A popup message appears showing a miserable message with a timer that will shutdown the computer. The best part is that the shutdown is unstoppable (well, actually it is but only you know how ;) ). Now your victim feels bad about his doings and wishes he hadn’t clicked the button. Hehe..Now, the part you guys have been waiting for..

The method! The tough part was to think of the prank. Making it work was a piece of cake! The analogy of this ShutDowner is that it uses the DOS command of Windows to shutdown the computer. There are several attributes you can edit which I will list out later. Lets begin with the creation of your little “hoax” ;)

Step 1: create a shortcut.
To do this, right click on your desktop, and select “New -> Shortcut”
Select shortcut

Step 2: Set the path of the shortcut.
Insert “shutdown -s -t 60” without the quotes.
Fill in the blank :)

Step 3: Name your shortcut attractively.
In the next step, you are required to name your shortcut. Name it something that will attract your victim. Something that will intimidate them to press it. Suggested keywords are “porn collection” or “I hate you” or “My scandal” or “Click Me”. Once you have selected your shortcut name, hit Finish and you will see a shortcut icon on the desktop with the name of your choice.

Step 4: Select a nice icon for your shortcut.
To do this, right click your shortcut, hit properties, under the “shortcut” tab, there will be “Change Icon” sign. Choose an appropriate icon and save the shortcut. You’re done! 
Explained further. The code shutdown directs the shortcut to your windows’ system32 folder and the command is executed via the DOS platform. The number 60 indicates number of seconds to take before the shutdown. So, to annoy more, try making something like 3600 so your victim has to wait one hour before the system auto-shutdown itself :).

How to stop? Its very simple! Just repeat the same process, except for step 2, replace the code with “shutdown –a” and create a new shortcut. When the timer is running, execute the new shortcut and it will override the shutdown process and terminate it. Simple eh?

Extra attributes. Look at these before finalizing your prank. Hehe.
Your main code should be shutdown. In front of it, you can spice it up with your own attributes.

  • -l – To log off instead of shutdown. You can’t use other attributes with this.
  • -s – To shutdown the computer.
  • -r – To shutdown and restart the computer. So your computer will turn on again after the reboot.
  • -a – Abort a system shutdown.
  • -t ## – Add a timer. ## must be replaced with the number of seconds before the shutdown.
  • -c “text” – Add a text to your shutdown dialog box.
  • -f – Force any other open applications to close before the shutdown.

A good example: You want to shutdown the computer one hour after execution, force all applications to be closed, give a message Haha!Loser!, you would use this code:

shutdown –s –c “Haha!Loser!” –t 3600

That’s all. For any feedback, leave a comment. For lazy bumps, I have uploaded the files for you. Download the sample files here!