Tablet Study – Case 1 : Size

Tablet wars has begun! Motorola Xoom has started “xooming” off their nuclear missles in the air, while Apple has “iLaunched” their iPad2 hype campaign. Being an Android fanatic, I will not be judging on which device delivers better verdicts and so forth because there are way too many of those shrooming on the internet for that.
Instead, I am going to be sharing pointers with you guys on the aspects that you should look out for before purchasing a tablet. Hopefully, this will hit the bang for your buck and get you the most suitable device in return.
A tablet will be considered as an “excess gadgetry” in your inventory. It will be able to perform tasks that most probably your smartphone can accomplish and still lack prowess in delivering what your actual laptop possibly can deliver. Therefore, the main concern is definitely the size of the tablet you choose.
The importance of size will affect a huge list of possibilities the tablet carries. It will determine the form over factor ratio. It will also decide what I would call “peripherability” which means the possibility to attach external peripherals to it. It will also affect the portability of the device like I explained earlier. Basically, size is the main bark of the tree that allows you to choose what goes where and how.
There will be (and are already) plenty of devices in the market which gives us a rough idea of what the average tablet sizes will be. The range starts from 4″ and spans up to 11″ ideally. There will be larger versions in the future too but personally, anything larger than 11″ should be able to replace your laptop in everyway.
Some tablets will have extras to compromise the size too. This includes having an extra foldable screen, a hardware keyboard or perhaps externally embedded speakers. It would add to the size of the tablet, but possibly increase the usability of the tablet as well, so you may want to consider those factors too.
When deciding on size, ask yourself, what do you intend to do with the tablet? As for me, my future tablet will be my main productivity tool. I will be setting up my IMAP e-mail access on it, have some documents and spreadsheet processing applications installed, and of course officially move all my games from the Nexus One to my tablet. That said, my tablet will be moving a lot with me because productivity is a major concern for me when I’m on the move. Among the gadgets that I usually carry around with me are my Macbook, my Canon 60D DSLR and my Nexus One. I am considering a 10.1″ tablet to fit my needs.

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