Tablet Study – Case 2 : Performance

We discussed about the importance of selecting the suitable size for your tablet in the previous case. Today, lets talk about the next most important factor in choosing the right tablet – performance.
Anything that will give juice to your tablet will boost the overall performance of the tablet. Performance is important because you want to be able to run all the applications that are available to you – without lags. However, choosing the right performance is going to be one hectic decision to make. Hard fact is that the more juice, the better and meaner the machine – but its not how we pick on our tablet.
Nowadays, mobile gadgets are undergoing the phase which the computer surpassed back in the year 2000 where the first Intel Pentium III 1GHz was announced. After that, a long list of processors came along covering higher frequencies before hyperthreading was introduced in the Pentium 4 back in 2003. Following hyperthreading technology, the first dual core was introduced in 2007. In contrast, mobiles are progressing way faster. The 1GHz was introduced in 2010 and by 2011 we are already hearing the adaptation of dual cores and quadcores.
Performance comes at cost. It is vital to pick one that suits you perfectly. You may not need a dualcore or quadcore at all if you will not be fully utilizing your tablet. First, it will be monetary cost. Higher end devices will definitely cost a lot more. Apart from that, you will need a better power management in your tablet to handle higher performances which means more battery power resulting in more cost. If you will be using your tablet a lot in outdoors, then you might want to get a device that lasts longer instead of delivering just excessive power.
If you will be reading ebooks mostly or just browsing the internet, 1GHz singlecore will be more than enough for you. You may want to invest more on the storage part like possibly having an SSD drive and lots of RAM instead for performance boost with lesser power consumption.

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