Tablet Study – Case 3 : Storage

We have an ideal size of the tablet that we need. We also know how much processing power we need. That leads us to the next factor in selecting the ideal tablet – storage. We need to know what are we carrying and how much data are we going to carry with us.
Many people have underestimated the importance of judging the storage of a device. Storage is not just about having lots of space. You should understand the differences of having internal and external storage and managing it appropriately.
Since you already know the main purpose of purchasing your tablet by now, you can already have a vague idea of how much storage you really need. You should always opt for both internal and external storages. It is wise to separate your applications and data into totally different filesystems especially if you are opting for an Android based tablet. The internal memory should be used strictly only for installed applications while your external storage should accomodate your documents, music, videos and other non-executing items.
The question is how much? We know, data is ever flowing and there is never enough storage for everything. However, burdening the tablet with too much data will really affect your overall user experience. Opt for cloud based storage first to get an idea of how much you can host data online. As far as internal storage is concerned (please don’t get confused with internal memory), 1GB of internal storage should be just enough. 4GB would be the best. That is all you really need for internal storage.
Invest more on the external storage. When I mention external storage, it doesn’t have to be an SD card. Nowadays, Solid State Drives (SSDs) are on the rise. If you can opt for these and they fall within your budget, my suggestion is to go with it hands-down. SSDs are very fast. They have some of the fastest read/write speeds among most production storages. This also means data accessing will be much more rigid, giving a better overall experience. However, SSDs are expensive. Period. So much that in some cases, the SSD itself can cost the same price as your tablet without it. Its not the end of the world of course. You can opt for the SD card too but you will need a fast SD card for optimum results. A class 6 or class 10 will be the best for the purpose.
On my tablet, I will be looking forward to a possibility of SSD as much as I can. Otherwise, a 32GB class 10 is what I aim for my external storage.

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