So today was the day for me to upgrade my mom’s Samsung Galaxy S to Froyo. What was supposed to be a happy upgrade slowly turned into a disaster and made me dislike Samsung products even more. What happened? Lets follow.

First of all, I found out that I needed to use the Samsung Kies application to upgrade the OS. Now, ever since I’ve been on Android, I have had very good faith with cloud storage and management. I find having desktop sync a bit too old fashioned and unreliable – especially when you are always on the move. As far as updates are concerned, I am more than happy with OTA (Over-The-Air) updates which most Android hardware manufacturers deliver. Once click is all that is needed to run the upgrade.

Okay, so we have to use Kies then. Fine. Next problem. When I went to the website to download, I realized that Samsung expected me to have a Windows computer automatically. I don’t think its the era anymore. People have learnt to divert away from Microsoft and adapt new OS for their daily usage. If Samsung wants to use a bridging application for management, I think they should at least diversify it to other platforms so Mac and Linux users can have their piece of cake too. Hey, Android is Linux at heart anyway. What made Samsung expect their users to have Windows at home?

Fineee! So I went to my home desktop which runs on Windows XP Media Centre. I installed the application. Plugged the phone. And waited. And waited. And waited. All it said was the computer was trying to connect to the phone. I unplugged, re-plugged, change sync behavior, and other possible Window-ish tricks to get it done, but the phone wouldn’t connect. I dug further into the application to see what other options was it offering. Then I saw one option. Tadaa. Reinstall Drivers.

So I thought I would finally be able to upgrade. I reinstalled the drivers. Walla! The phone was detected. After running the wizard, upon asking for confirmation on downloading the new firmware, it said my battery was not enough to run the process. So I had to charge it first. I checked in the battery info and found out I had 47% left. Okay fine. Charge the phone. I left the phone to charge for a couple hours.

I return back after the charging. Launch Kies again. Once again, the same driver problem occurs. This time, I played smart. I immediately ran the update drivers wizard. However, the problem didn’t solve this time. After unplugging, replugging, updating drivers, and what not, about 2 hours later, finally I got it spotted on the application again. Phew! So everything was good, I initiated the updated. It took another 2 hours just to download the new firmware (bear in mind, Malaysian ISP sucks as well). Finally, the phone was upgraded to Froyo.

Here’s the thing. When Froyo was launched for my Nexus One, it took only a few minutes for me to run several ADB codes and get my phone upgraded. I ended up wasting my whole day just fiddling with a stupid application on an ugly OS just to get the version upgrade done. Well, thanks for the Froyo upgrade Samsung. But what was supposed to be a celebration day, turned into a nightmare just because of your useless application!