Its actually funny how the people think about the government. I actually encountered a situation today whereby I was talking to this Scottish gentlemen about government. I did mention to him about this blog of mine and how it has the element of anti-government in it. So as an elderly bloke, he gave me and advice and saying that I need to be careful on what Im saying about these sorta things.
He mentioned to me that this topic is a very sensitive topic. I might be getting myself into a big trouble if I am not careful with it. “You might be dissapear” he said… Which is funny and ironic because thats what those ISAs do for these sorta people!
So after talking to him, I still couldnt help to think about the conversation that I had with him. Its very interesting how we have to be scared of them. Just think about it, we voted for them to be our leader and to lead our country. Not to lead us to misery. It seems like they have the power to supress the people from expressing our own words and thoughts. Quite interesting since that they always say that we practise the freedom of speech! We are all monotone!!
Take a moment and think about it again. People from all over the world vote for their leader with hopes that he/she will bring their country foward. Imagine how high their hopes are! And how happy they are when they got to know that the person that they believed so much with won the election. And just imagine how sad and devastated they feel like when they know that the person that they voted for turned out to be one money and power oriented freak?
It seems like they (the government) are forgetting the fact that their leadership and future lies on the people’s hand? And yet they will only be nice to the people when the election days are on the way. Sneaky bastard huh? Anyways, I dont want to continue on talking about this since that the rate of bloggers gone missing are increasing, so I guess I have to say bye bye now.
Before I leave, I will leave down an interesting quote that will make us think more about the possibilities that we can do as a citizen of a country. “The people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people” taken from V, V for Vendetta.

Angel “H” Lucifer