Windows Vienna by Microsoft
XP is still not forgotten, Vista has yet to obtained its very own first stable Service Pack (SP), and yes, Microsoft has already started to open their Windows to the new generation, the Windows Vienna. Just when you thought this OS was new, it has even changed its name already (formerly known Blackcomb). It will also be identified as Microsoft’s 7th OS (Windows 7).
So what is Bill gate’s idea about this Vienna thingy? In my opinion, Bill Gates is the world’s most forward thinker. This said, he always have his corporation one step ahead of anything else and his innovative ideas is unquestionable. Bringing up Vienna, Bill Gates is expecting to create a system which he describes as “even if you drop by a kiosk or somebody else’s PC, we can bring down your home page, your files, your fonts, your favorites and those things”. This said, this OS will be very personal to you. They’re expecting release date in 2009. I bet it’ll take a year or two ahead of the target date. For the mean time, I think Microsoft really has to put more attention to Vista. Many people are still unconvinced with it. Count me in. I rolled back my Vista to Media Center XP after a month of usage :) Till the next post guys. Enjoy~