Boxstr offers 5GB storage and 10GB/mo bandwidth!
Yes, today, Im going to introduce a file hosting to you guys..It’s a good question if you ask me what is it for? File hosting is where you host your files..It’s like a web hosting but you dont host a website there..So you can host your music files, images, spreadsheet, any file that you dont want to lose if your computer crashes..It can be used as a backup storage or file sharing portal or hotlinking or anything that you could think of..

I’ve tried many file hostings already and I’m reviewing the best one I’ve found so far..It’s called Boxstr and it’s really a BOX for you to put your stuff in :) Why do I recommend them and not any other file hosting? First of all, the storage space that they give you..It’s 5GB! That’s A LOT for a FREE file hosting! But above all, what really attracted me was the support they provide..The admin is a very kind person and lays the priority on the users..I recieve the response to my queries almost immediately..He’s really doing his job well..Upgrades are always queued and new features implemented all the time..He’s so flexible that he lets us treat Boxstr as our own site!

I remember once ago, I joint this file hosting site which was doing perfect initially..But overtime, they became ridiculous giving lesser bandwidth and limiting custom MP3 players..No freedom and No fun..I quit that file hosting, tried a few others before bumping into Boxstr..Now I host my files on that server and I’m very satisfied with the service and offerings..If you love it, you can support it further by upgrading your account..Im planning to do so soon..

Yes, the registration is absolutely FREE! You register and activate..within minutes, you have your own account setup and you’re ready to host your own files..If you just want to host files for public, you still can do so without even registering for an account..YES! No joke! It’s just too good! What are you waiting for? Go and seize this opportunity..Host your MySpace, Friendster, Orkut and other files on Boxstr and fall in love with it :)