Hello boys and girls…
As weo all know, this whole month is the Ramadhan (Eid Mubarak) season so all Muslims out there are fasting. While this whole fasting practices are on the progress, we have yet or I must say I have yet discovered another loop hole in the governing system in Malaysia and the loop holes came from the department of Religious Affair of Malaysia. So here are the whole story.

Case 1
A few days back a friend of mine by the name of… Lets call him Don ok? Ok so my friends Don went out to the Ramadhan Bazaar to buy himself some food. After he bought the food he walked himself back home. And on his was home, he was stopped by these DORA (Department of Religious Affair) officers. By his surprise, he was accused for not fasting in this holy month and was dragged into the DORA mobil! To his surprise to know that those officers thought that he was a Muslim. They intimidated him to get a confession but in the end after showing them his identity card, they let him go. Don is an Indian and he is a Christian follower.
Case 2
Another friend of mine, an actual Muslim guy by the name of… Ok lets call him Ali, yes Ali. This is what happened to Ali, he was actually stupid enough to go to Mc Donalds in the day time with a bunch of his friends and eat there. While eating there, the DORA gang came up to them and slapped at the back of their head while they were eating. First of all, as a non-religioun-attached guy, I would say that what he did there was stupid. Eating in McDonalds during the fasting month in the public?! Jesus!!! So as the story goes, all of them were “caught” by them and were asked to go inside of the hearse. Ok for those who didnt know, these people (non-fasting Muslims) who were caught eating will be took by the DORA around the town for more less around 2 hours with the hearse. And after that they will be fine by them around RM1000 and that is equal to EU250. Ayways, back to the story. So this friend of mine didnt actually eat. He was just hanging out with them. Just a sheep following its heard you know. So then they were bust with the DORA group when they raided the area. So he and his friend was brought into the hearse. Inside of the hearse they were interrogate by the DORA gang. He was slapped, kicked and punched by them. Sad to say that the way these people treat civilians are like dogs. Even dogs get better treatment from them. Anywayss after being punched, slapped and kicked the journey inside of the hearse came to an end. The hearse stopped at the DORA hq and to their surprise, all of them were charged for not fasting during Ramadhan and were fined RM1000 (USD300) And to add up the icing on the cake, they have to attend to the court the next week after because of this one silly thing. To tell you the truth, there a lots of things that they can do besides this. They are over-exxagerating over this matter! They shouldntve beat people up! it is Ramadhan, they should potray good things to other people!
Case 3
A friend of mine was smoking while waiting for his bus. He is a Chinese mixed with Indian so he looks like a pure Malay. So as he was smoking there, this guy in a volvo stopped and insulted him without any good reason. He started to swear towards my friend’s mom and were about to get beaten up too. So in the end without saying anything back towards the rude angryman, he just showed his identity card to him and the guy just drove away without even saying sorry.
Case 4 aka The most interesting one!!
The Arabic guys ok, the Arabic Mulims guys are everywhere in KL and they do not even fast! The best part was in KLCC, they are everywhere and the best part, they dont even fast! Ok, first of all, they are Muslims. I thought the DORA suppose to be the one who fix everything that has to do with the religios. But what happened here? The harrased the Indians, the Chinese and also the Malays but not the Arabic MUSLIMS!! What the fuck are these? Wake up guys. Just because they are foreigners, doesnt mean that they are eligible to brake the laws! SO called Department of Religious Affair!

See kids, these are some of the storied that I would like to share with you about. I wont make show you on how to think about it but Ill let you think about it yourself. About the holy month of Ramadhan (eid-Mubarak) and how people are so into it. We are living in a sad and hypocracy world. Thank you and have a nice day.

Still standing with the truth,
Angel “H” Lucifer