As a neutral individuals in Malaysia, I myself have seen so many chages in Malaysia… The good and the bad, the positive and the negative. Some might say its just life. It could never be perfect. Could never be too good nor too bad. No matter how fucked up it is, there will always be a greener grass on the other side. So today my friends, I want to express a little bit of my feeling about the term the new Malayneum.
I know that once this is published, I will get heaps of feedback and reaction regarding this issue but I dont care. These people need to be aware that they are a bunch of hypocrites. Let us all have a look at the new Malayneum that have been created by the Malays nowadays.
When we mention the word Malay, we are bound to think about their religion and that is Islam. So basically the way they think are basically accumulated around their religion. Not to say that their religion is bad. I never say that but if you look at it, the people who practise it are bad.
For instant, lets have a look at the big picture of the Malays today. Of course, we are full of traditions and shit like that. Opps did I say we? It suppose to be they. Just look at the “Dato'” and “Datin” system… I mean what the fuck is that? Its like dividing the Malays with Malays itself! Some people says that they hate the English! (British) I dont! I just think that they are a fucking wanker! These Dato’s and Datins system in our society today is just stupid. It brings nothing to the people. Maybe back then these sorta system is important during the period of Mallaca’s dynasty. When the king needs someone to look after the harbours, the villages and shit like that. But not today. What the fuck are they doing here? This is something that we need to erradicate in our society! Oh the funny thing is I even heard that you can get that title easily if you have rm25 000 nowadays. Aint that ironic? Bunch of effete arseholes dont you think? Their existence doesnt make any difference over our life style regarding whatever thing that they do. They are just dissecting us and our society.
Opps.. Too much of anger regarding that topic. Phew… Not lets talk about the Malay lifestyle and their religion. As we all know, Malay Muslims cant eat pork, cant have sex after marriage, cant do drugs, and cant drink alcohol. Name me one fuck that have never done that. All of youse who are reading this have done that. Ok if you say that you never done it then fine. Maybe you can put yourself next to Nik Aziz Nik Mat (PAS party leader) but hey! Im sure he have enjoy the pleasure of masturbation before? Maybe not now (not that I know and want to know) but I bet when he was young, he did pleasure himself once or twice! That is a fucking sin my friend! Why am I saying this? This is because all of my Malay friends always tell me about the stuff that theyve done! Sex, drugs and alcohol! So I know it! So ok… Lets look back at the case somewhere around 2 or 3 years ago where rumours has it that IKEA’s sausage was using pork intestine as it’s casing. Ooooh!! All Malaysian Malays were outrage! Pissed and even thinking of suing IKEA! Its ironic how some of my friends who drinks beer with me expressed to me his anger towards me regarding this pork intestine issue. Ironic right? Oh yes… The Malays cant eat pork… I forgot… But wait!! What the fucking fuck?! They cant drink beer too! Have sex!! And do drugs!! Oh god! They are such hypocrites! A bunch of people who are giving Islam sucha bad name and reputation through out the world!
Since we are talking about religion, lets have a look at one of their so called religious movement… PEKIDA or their glamorous name would be 3 line. Ok for those who do not know what they are… They are believed to be the movement or brotherhood where they spread Islam and making sure that Islam has a good name. Once again, they always use their religion as a mask for their activity. Their leader will be called a father and there will be his assistance and they will be called brother long, brother ngah, brother chik or brother – whatsoevershitthatidontfucingknow. So far… All Ive seen is trouble from them. They are actually a bunch of gangsters that are terrorizing our country. Fuck Al-Maunah and Al-Arqam. These people are the splinter in our flesh. They can regulate the regulator with their power. Their motive is to spread Islam to society. The only thing that they have been spreading is negativity towards our land. They drink a lot Im telling you! And they have sex more than pornstars too! They are not afraid of god but they are afraid of their father! If they have commited a sin, they will always ask forgiven from their father. Maybe I dont know much about this organization but hell I dont care. Im just gonna express my feelings about this cancer among Malays anyways.
And yeah… fuck that. Lets talk about the rempits. What the hell is their problem? Pak Lah!! Wake up!! They make you guys in the parliament looks like shit! And they ar the flies! No matter how many time you tried to make it go away, they will always come back! And look, these rempits even have their own secret society! Apache Sereng they call it. Another one of those organization that dissect their superiors with nicknames like Brother Long, Brother Ngah and shit like that. They are a bunch of low life Malays who never know the meaning of life. Their life circulate around their bike. Thats why most of these Malay kids never go foward. Always stucked in time with in their own little shit world. They only bring trouble and fear to society. Nothing is good about them… And they are MALAYS!!!
Oh and the last one would be our own little government. :-) What a topic ey? Lets not talk about UMNO or DAP or KEADILAN and all of those parties. As we all know, they are all bunch of money oriented bastards who never cares about others. A good example would be PAS. Oh… Oh…I want to make my country fully governed by them! It will look exactly like Kelantan! Wheee! Oh wait! Kelantan is a shit hole! Damn! Hahaha… It is so strict that they even have a que up line for men and women in the shopping mall. Well I wouldnt call them a mall. Maybe a mart. Yes… Well the point is that this political party once again, like any other Malays, use up the name of god for its own political purposes. Aint that sweet? Allah must be so pissed off if everytime everyone uses his/her name to get money. Hmm.. Its just so funny how these people think… Instead of thinking outside of the box, they are making another small box inside of the box.
So for those who are furious with my writing here, dont hessitate to leave a comment and I can prove you that the Malays are going to be in deep shit in the next 10 years. Think about it. Its time for you guys to wake up and get a fucking grip of yourself. Im not trying to create a war here but trying to wake you guys up. To the government… Wake up… Do not be an effete arsehole!

Angel “H” Lucifer