Aye, boys and girls…
Its me again and Im back with the more stories about multinational companies, the wars, and stuff that most of the people know nothing about. Mostly about the stories that goes on behind the scenes :-) And today, Im going share a little bit of my story with a well known comapny that goes by the name of Nestlé. Im sure all of you kids know about this company. Its impossible for one to not to know about this company…
Ok lemme start by talking about the history. It was started in 1866 in Switzerland bla bla bla and it started for only milk products. It was created by this guy name Henri Nestlé. Nowdays, Nestlé is one of the biggest food chain company in the world after coca-cola and all of that crap. Oh to be exact, they (Nestlé) owned 27% of L’Oreal. Yes, those things that girls wear on their faces! Imagine that! Owns by Nestlé.. How funny is that huh? Anyways as the story goes, these multinational company are purely capitalism based company.
Since Nestlé started, it has introduced the world with their variance of milk based products and since then they have screwed up big time. Here are the hidden truth that you need to know about Nestlé…

Baby Milk
As we all know, they are famous for their milk based products all around the world. Since they have started with this, mothers all around the world have switched their intention to use their products instead of breast milk and as for the result, 15 babies died each year because of contaminated water. It is aso believed that they have violated the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and that is the usage of images of infants (babies) in their advertising.
Ethiopian Governement
It is believed that Nestlé demanded couple of millions from the Ethiopian government because of their participation on the Ethiopian agricultural program. Like I mentioned earlier, these multinational companies are everywhere. Even in the agricultural sector. Since the Ethiopian Birr (their currency) is very low, the Ethiopian governement can only compensate an amount around $1.6 million but Nestlé requested the full amout of $6 million from them. Public has been in rage after that news because if that amount of money is withdrew from Ethiopian government, it will only lead that country to famine.
Nestlé against the animals
For those who didnt know, Nestlé Purina (in Venezuela) is a main supplier for the pet foods. SO, in the early 2005, it is believe that Nestlé Purina has been accused for killing more than 500 dogs, cats, birds and other pets because of contaminated pet food. Forensic result says that the pet food was stored incorrectly which led to mold. And soon after that, the Venezuelan legislature system stated that they (Nestlé Purina) is responsible for the death and need to pay compensation to the pet owners.
Genetically modified organisms
Somewhere in 2004, the Greenpeace did some test to Nestlé’s products and as the result, they have found genetically modified organisms inside of the Chinese Nesquick. Soon after that, a lady in China sued the bastard! Imagine drinking a genetically mutated organism in your drink! Yummy right! Maybe thats why Milo is so yummy! Genetically mutated cocoa organisms. Ooooh!!
Forced Labours
:-) Like every other multinational companies, they also do not want to be left behind in the age of modernity. So what did they do? They use forced labours. From a trustful source of mine, (ok I lied! The source is from the International Labour Organization. Oh they are a part of UN) it is believe that in Africa (mostly in Ivory Coast) around 284 000 child laboures work in their cocoa farm. Global Exchange and the International Labor Rights Fund are taking Nestlé, commodities trader Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill to court in the US under the Torture Victim Protection Act and Alien Tort Claims Act. Nestlé signed an agreement called the Cocoa Protocol to say that it would find a way by July 2005 to certify that chocolate had not been produced by underage, indentured, trafficked or coerced labour. Nestlé has requested that all the coerced child labourers involved in the International Labor Rights Fund lawsuit reveal their names, which could lead to them being punished.

Well, there you go! The truth behind Nestlé! Interesting facts about them right? Next time if you are enjoying your chocolate or drinks, think about the children that works for living in Africa so that you can enjoy that chocolate and drinks. Stop the buying or reduce it. You can really make a difference. These multinational companies wont stop producing unless you stop supporting them. Take a while and think about it. Is this how you want your future going to be? Im signing out kids. In the mean time, tryna spread these words to people. People need to know the truth and we (people at this blog) are going to expose the truth behind tis multinational companies. Thank you and have a nice day…

Serving the people with the truth,
-Angel “Hannah” Lucifer-