Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 Interface
Yes! The Beta version was launched yesterday and I just finished testing it! The internet security giant Trend Micro has launched it’s another powerful security software – The Trend Micro Internet Security 2008. The red devils have packed the engine with loads of powerful security features, tarnished with the superficial firewall and delivered the waited security system which will mark it’s history for 2008!
I have been a loyal user of Trend Micro Internet Security since 2002 and until today, they have never failed to impress me with their superb security system. They just get better and better. Trend Micro Internet Security (or better known as PC-Cillin) is even trusted by Microsoft to secure their free-based email system – Wind0ws Live Mail (formerly known as Hotmail)..So what comes in this new package?
It’s been long ago when firewalls were only a protection base for huge corporation and military. Today, firewall is implemented in almost ALL desktops and laptops. It has become so important that without it, today the computers seem too vulnerable. So what’s so cool about TIS firewall? I started seeing their firewall systems progress in 2005 edition where it gave full control over network controlling to allow/block traffic at your fingertips. The 2007 edition implemented network control for IPv6 which is essential at this new era of networking especially for Windows Vista users. For 2008 edition, firewall is a full user-bounded and it features all the important aspects a firewall should have! Application access is already fundamental, you even gain control over FTP, Telnet, SRM (Secured Remote Management), DNS, of course NETBIOS, IPv6 with multicast and POP/SMTP. This said, you have total control over your security! And if you don’t understand what to mess and what not to, the default settings itself works like a charm! The best part of TIS’ firewall that I love since 2006 is the auto-profile switching. So the profile can automatically set the relevant settings for you in Wireless region, wired network, Home network, or even Office. This is the feature that you definitely would want to play with when you get your hands over the TIS2008 :)
Virus, Trojan, Microsoft Vulnerabilities detection
This is the essential part of the TIS of course. The scanning engine just got better. Trend Micro started their robust VSAPI (Virus Scan Application Program Interface) last year which dramatically improved the scanning and cleaning speed. This year, it just got even better. Let’s not talk about the Eicar virus because that is a definite pass for TIS. The scanning system is very fast and detailed. The attractive part, you can even select which file type you want to scan and which not. TIS even scans and cleans viruses from ZIP files. That said, no more viruses hiding in the ZIP file too! I like the surface cleaning system where TIS scans every file you download and before you could even download a virus, it blocks you and disallows access to it. Now how better could that be.
TIS was catching up with the pace for spyware cleaning when they first started their Trend Micro Anti Spyware in 2005. In 2006, anti-spyware was included into the TIS system and since then, they have progressed very well too. TIS 2008 is powerful enough to replace the Ad-Aware (which it demands a removal before installation to avoid conflicts). It searches spyware cookies, registries and files, cleanes or quarantine them and make it ready for you to delete them. They have done a good job in this field too. Though it is always fine to have other anti-spyware softwares like Spybot S&D handy, if you’re a safe web-surfer, TIS will do a great deal for your spyware cleaning too!
E-Mail and IM protection
E-Mail protection is not only for POP3 and SMTP, but also for Webmail! Now, you don’t have to worry about virus/trojans coming as attachments in your GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail, or any other web-based email. For POP3 systems, TIS installs a small toolbar in your MS Outlook / Outlook Express to filter spam mails and clean them from viruses. This was already featured in the 2007 too. TIS even scans the attachments from Internet Messengers (IM) and clean them before it hits your hard disk. These features are not activated by default and have to be turned on – so TIS gets gentle with your system.
Home Network Control
The home network control is superb too. If you’re running TIS on your home network, you can control access from your computer and even control the wireless network of your home! Though this feature might not be used by many people, I find it very interesting as you gain control over your home network and if you’re running wireless, you can easily block any intruders when your WEP is not enabled.
TIS have made another year secure with their 2008 system and it looks like we will ot have to worry about our security as Trend Micro perform their jobs. As always, virus definitions are daily available and they keep updating their virus database. TIS 2008 is still in its beta stage at the date of this post. The full version will be released soon enough after the bugs are fixed and when it is absolutely stable for all platforms. I do test many other Internet Security softwares which I don’t want to mention here. But to me, TIS have always been my ideal choice for security. If you think TIS was just the end of the story, wait till you get your hands over it and find out what other security softwares you get from Trend Micro for FREE when you purchase their original license.
It’s been a great day and I’ve spent hours testing the software. Till the next time.