MP3 Player for your MySpace / Friendster
About 90% of my visitors came to my blog in reference to my previous post “Upload music to MySpace or Friendster” and since the site is being developed, I’m going to create a new tutorial for you guys. Thanks for your feedback, and as an appreciation, I’ll post an effective tutorial for you guys. This should help :)
First of all, you should read the previous post and get yourself an account on Boxstr. Next, upload your favourite songs to the Boxstr account that you have created. Once you have done that, get the URLs of each of the songs and copy them down somewhere (You may want to just leave the window open – but remember which URL represents which song). Cool, your song files are already uploaded. Now it’s time to kick em on a player and play those songs on your beloved profiles :)
Here is how you do it:

  1. Go to Myflashfetish website..
  2. You will see the following tab at the top of the page
  3. Click this tab

  4. As the image says, click “MP3 Players” and follow to the next page
  5. Select your design and click “create now”
  6. Customice your player if you must, but the most important portion of this page is as in the following image
  7. Insert song title and url in the box

  8. Insert your song title and the appropriate URL in the box, and hit “Add MP3s”
  9. Alternatively, you can see “Search Music” in the same box where you can simply search for the songs you want, and paste the code in the box above
  10. Finally, hit “Get Code” and you’re done with your player!

Now copy your code and paste it in your MySpace or Friendster or Orkut or Hi5 profile and enjoy the music you ever wanted on your profile! :) You can also use this player on other websites you have. All you need is the code of the player :)

Oh yes, and do register with their site to use the service (duh..~) :P
Till the next post guys.