We need flash. Too bad.

Steve Job does think he can change the world. I totally respect the way he has marketed iPhone and made it planted into every human being’s mind. If I’d fallen for iPhone too, that would’ve just mean another “Coca-Cola” strategy to me. However, his recent lengthy written speech about going against Flash has made me sour towards them.
Flash has been with us for ages now. In fact, its almost impossible to eliminate it from the virtual world. Its not going to happen in this era at least. What we’re talking about here is a mobile platform – not a browser only device. Well, if it was for iPad, I wouldn’t care much, but iPhone is a mobile phone. Not a browser only device. Mobile phones have gone a long way now, and with social media integration, this just means one thing – mobile phones are turning into something more than just a call and SMS gadget.

No doubts, almost everyone uses Facebook. What do we miss the most on our mobile phones currently when it comes to facebook integration? Correct! The games. Natively, most of the games are written in Flash. At least the most played ones. The difference between static graphic games and those which are written in Flash have a significant difference. That means, if those games are to be ported on mobile phones, Flash is a must have! If iPhone is ditching flash, that means, your facebook games are NOT going to appear on your iPhone. Which one would you choose? Facebook or iPhone? Well, this is just one of the examples.

Security issues. There are ways to combat this issue and I believe Adobe is just equally concerned as much as anyone else is. They can build compilers, or different technology to strengthen Flash. At this age, its not impossible. It just requires a little brainstorming. With Adobe’s CS5 launching, I believe Flash will have its new breakthroughs too. Well, if it creates loopholes that provides gadget hacking platform, to me, that’s actually a good news.

Hard fact is, we need Flash regardless of what people say. I’m thankful Android is bringing in the Flash 10.1 at least. I can’t immagine browsing websites without flash at this stage now.

  1. Patricia Scavotto
    #1 written by Patricia Scavotto  (9 years ago)

    Web design is great, I like taking many online webinars at my school. I like learning anything related to flash, web design, graphic design, and new topics in general.

  2. ShahZ
    #2 written by ShahZ  (9 years ago)

    Yep. Web design is just awesome. :)

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