Both the 8 and 16GB versions of the white Nexus 4 have been shifted to “no longer available for sale” after  just over a month in the Play Store. This device was basically the celebrity marriage of Android phones with rumors about it swirling for months and then just a short lived stint together with the Play Store. If you are in the rarified position of both being desperate for this phone and being on T-Mobile then you are in luck as they continue to have it for sale and while the price is a bit higher you do get a free wireless charger to ease the pain.

This was always pitched as a limited edition device so there’s no reason to let this fuel speculation about a Nexus 5 just yet, although with about 8 months on the odometer for the Nexus 4 we are encroaching on the logical timeline for solid information to start showing up about the successor.

Google falling back to a lone color option is a bit funny right now in light of Google’s own Motorola being on the verge of unleashing the full rainbow on customers with the Moto X. Safe to say there is a slightly different target audience for the two devices though and that those that crave the purity of the Nexus are likely willing to forgive the lack of customizability.

Did any of you snag a white Nexus 4 while they were available or did you steer clear in hopes of a Nexus 5 arriving in the next few months?

Source: Google Play