Get Windows 8 for only RM50!

I just got my Alienware a Windows 8 upgrade and I have so much to talk about it. But I’ll save that for another post later. Here I want to teach you how to get the Windows 8 for only RM50 ($14.99 USD that is). What you will need is:

  1. A valid debit/credit card
  2. A Windows 8 compatible machine. Don’t worry if you are unsure whether your machine will be supported or not. Just follow along this tutorial.
  3. A little time on your clock

Oh, and don’t worry, this is NOT a hoax. I will show you the process as we move along. Its definitely legitimate. Lets begin!

Step 1 : Registering for the offer. Head over to this page and fill up the form. Once you’re done, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail that you specified. Something that looks like this:

Click to enlarge

Step 2¬†: At the bottom of this e-mail, you will see “Download Upgrade Assistant” button. Don’t just stare at it. Click it. This will download the “WIndows 8 Upgrade Assistant” tool. Once the validation is done, you will get a screen of incompatibilities like the image below. Don’t panic when you see incompatible items. Click on the “See compatibility details” and follow the instructions. At most, it will ask you to uninstall some apps which are no longer needed in Windows 8 if not just to explain what will change. If your system is not compatible, then I’m sorry :( But if you are running Windows 7 already, I don’t see a problem. It may also tell that your system does not have “secure boot”. Don’t worry about that too.

Click to enlarge

Step 3 : Once you have cleared all the incompatibles, click Next. Make your pick. Its preferred to leave it at the first setting if you are upgrading from Windows 7.

Click to enlarge

Step 4 : As you can see, the price is $39.99 here. Don’t panic. Follow along. Click “Order”.

Click to enlarge

Now if you need a DVD, this will cost you additional money. Your pick. Yes, the price is still $39.99 here. Just follow along.

Click to enlarge

Step 5 : Another form to fill. You know what to do here :)

Click to enlarge

Step 6 : Now you need to fill in the payment details. Select the dropdown, pick “Credit Card” and fill it up. Yes, a debit card will do too. I purchased mine using Public Bank debit card. Worked like a charm. Oh, worried about the price? That will be after this. Don’t worry yet.

Click to enlarge

Step 7 : Review your order! Now, add the promo code in the box. Yes, the promo code that you got from your e-mail. Hit Apply and the price will be reduced to $14.99. Hit the buy and you are all set!

Click to enlarge

Thats it! You are done! You will get the serial displayed and an email delivered to your inbox. That’s about it! Any comments? Feel free to comment below. Cheers!~

  1. SAW
    #1 written by SAW  (6 years ago)

    why your debit card works? mine always got error to check my payment info, using CIMB debit card

    • shahz
      #2 written by shahz  (6 years ago)

      Try a VISA card. So far, Maybank and Public Bank are proven to work.

  2. Daya
    #3 written by Daya  (6 years ago)

    me neither, purchase using, CIMB Debit card hvng probs. wondering, what to do? :(

  3. Darren
    #4 written by Darren  (6 years ago)

    Unfortunately, based on the information you provided during the registration process you are not eligible for the upgrade offer.

    Failed to upgrade at RM50.

    My laptop is 2 years old with wins 7. SAD.

  4. Sara
    #5 written by Sara  (6 years ago)

    Hi, when will this offer last? I only get my salary on the 28th!!!

    • ShahZ
      #6 written by ShahZ  (6 years ago)

      Its already off now :(

      • Sara
        #7 written by Sara  (6 years ago)

        nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :'( how much is it otherwise??

        • ShahZ
          #8 written by ShahZ  (6 years ago)

          I got an OEM DVD for RM599. I also heard that Microsoft will be jacking up their prices soon. :(

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