Windows 8 – Should I or should I not?

Ever since I posted the WIndows 8 offer post, I have been bombarded with questions on the Windows 8 experience. I have been answering too many of them, to the point that I have to finally write it here. If you are contemplating on whether or not to upgrade to Windows 8, this post might be useful for you.

I am not really a huge fan of Microsoft, but I don’t deny, their products revolve around me pretty heftily. I have an XBOX360 for starters, Microsoft keyboard and mouse hooked to my desktop, and of course, Windows running on both my desktop and laptop. Now, don’t go over me with that “Linux is better” thing because I use Windows just for the sake of standardizing the tools with my web development team. I’ve used MacOSX which gave me enough problems with my office guys when sharing documents and spreadsheets, and I’ve used (and loved) Linux, but because of the lack of Adobe tools, I only have it as my secondary boot OS. My judgement is based on what is practical for me and it should be for you too.

I always say this and I will repeat it again. “What is good, IS good. Trust your experience and not word of others”. Similarly, everyone was telling me that Windows 8 is unstable (Oh, you’re judging from the beta version?), not easy to use (Have you tried a command-line OS before?), and does not fully support all the available hardware (I assume you are installing Windows 8 on your calculator or something?). So being me, I had to get my own hands on experience – just to be pleased with what I saw!

It does take a little getting used to, but of course that is what I expected. If I was going to be treated again with the same experience like the previous version, I would cuss real hard myself! I fired up the machine after the installation and to my disbelief, my machine booted up in less than 20 seconds! “Impressive”, I smirked. The setup was easy and straightforward. I did a clean install on my desktop and an upgrade on my laptop. I even upgraded a friend’s 2003 machine running Windows 7. All installations ran well. Fact is, if your machine runs on Windows 7, it will definitely run perfectly fine with Windows 8 too.

I was already aware of the Metro UI’s existence, but had not tried it before. Particularly because I wanted to see how difficult would it be to adapt. Here’s the thing. If you have used a smartphone before, you will get comfy with the Metro UI in no time at all. Its very responsive, and it works really fine with or without a touch screen. I had a little issue with dual 22″ screens hooked up to my desktop though, but after some time, I find myself pressing the “Windows” key more often than ever before to bring up the menu.

The OS is very fast! Even on the 2003 machine. Performance reminded me my Macbook Pro which was running on MacOSX Lion. The transitions have improved, the layout is simpler and above all, its cross platforms. If you try the WIndows 8 Mobile after using the Windows 8 for sometime on your desktop, you will feel at home. So if you are going to ask me whether you should upgrade to Windows 8, if you are using any other Windows OS, you SHOULD get the Windows 8 and surprise yourself!

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