Hello dudes and dudettes..
Well, I’m not really a fond of Windows Live Messenger but I’m holding an account there which I have been using since 1998..And I dont want to lose it..hehe..So I keep it for my Windows Live Messenger ID – at least the account will not get expired anywhere near..I logged in today and found out that all of a sudden, the all this while stingy MSN have become so generous that they are now offering a whopping 5GB of e-mail space..Well, before, it was just 1GB so that’s a huge leap..And if you do have money and really loev Windows Live Messenger, you can pay $15USD/yr for another 5GB so that’ll total up to 10GB..
It’s ahead of our loved GMail now though which offers somewhere near 3GB only..and Yahoo! is waaaay ahead with UNLIMITED space..What made you think Yahoo! is the site which has the most visitors and highest traffic? 41% of their visitors are using the email service..Even Google get’s third place in the cyber-traffic rank..I still support Google above everything though :D
Anyway, back to the topic, Windows Live Mail..Now, the spam system isn’t that great..It purges your email that have any spam attributes in it – even if you’re subscribed to the email and before this it never marked the email as spam..So, to me, Im not a big fan of Windows Live Messenger anyway..The system is very sluggish..Well, MSN have very high bandwidth and they think everyone in the world has the same..If you use the new mode of the Windows Live Messenger, for places where you don’t even get Bandwidth higher than 5MBps, you will cry as it loads the email page..This applies to their search engine too..which is why it has never been the preferred system for me anyway..
But well, thanks to MSN for giving out another 4GB to us though..At least those who are the die-hard fans of Windows Live will be thankful to them :) Cheers~