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Rename your Windows XP start button

Did you know, you can rename your WindowsXP Start button text to something else? Some of you may already know that you can do that by edit your Explorer.exe file and change some value in your registry setting. But here comes an easy way to do that. (more…)

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“ShutDowner” Computer Shutdown Timer (or prank) ;-)

A few of my friends asked me for some computer pranks which are harmless and can award a good laughter to the pranksters. A few came across my mind such as nuke attacks or excessive packet distribution but that, at some extent can cause harm to the computer. So More...

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Internet Fakes

Everyday, new domains are setup with hammering offers being made on the internet. And we, the victims fall trap to these monkeyshines, end up paying for nothing. Some offers made sound ridiculous (*ehem* they actually ARE absurd) and yet we instigate ourselves to believe these. What should we do? How More...

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Google Maps v2.00 on N95 with GPS

Yes! Finally Google Maps has developed what we have been waiting for all this time! GMaps with GPS detection! To those who have GPS, this is a complementary for you and to those who don’t have GPS system in their gadgets, you still can use the GMaps! It uses More...

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Upload music to MySpace or Friendster (Updated)

About 90% of my visitors came to my blog in reference to my previous post “Upload music to MySpace or Friendster” and since the site is being developed, I’m going to create a new tutorial for you guys. Thanks for your feedback, and as an appreciation, I’ll post an More...

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Download torrent without a client

Thinking of torrents, it’s fair enough to say that almost everyone who uses the internet, uses the torrent – or should we say need to use the torrent. It has become even more famous than P2P downloading. Nearly ANYTHING literally can be found on torrent sites and it has More...

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The all new Microsoft Windows Vienna

XP is still not forgotten, Vista has yet to obtained its very own first stable Service Pack (SP), and yes, Microsoft has already started to open their Windows to the new generation, the Windows Vienna. Just when you thought this OS was new, it has even changed its name More...

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New Folder.exe Hijack Removal

Hi there guys..Missed me? Hehe..Sorry for being off the scene..I was outstation for my wedding *wink* and now that I’m back, we’re all set to rock the scene again :) Straight to the point, New Folder.exe (in some cases it may appear as autorun.exe or similar) is the latest nuisance More...

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Good day laddies and lassies! Ah finally, I can blog again! My office is going through some upgrades and all and internet access were blocked for a while. Limited access to the world wide web only for all personnel. Sucks huh? Well, finally I am able to get back online More...

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Deepavali :-)

Hello guys and girls… I would like to wish all of youse a happy Deepavali. May god bless you all! I would like to make a Deepavali shout out to my friends, Subash, Senn, Brinda, Suganthi and also to my gf Lilith. Enjoy these festive holidays with your love ones More...

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