Poverty rising in Africa

Holla kids… Today I would like to talk more about poverty. As we all know, poverty is not something new among us today. A good example would be in Africa. Although Im no Bono, Angelina Jolie or David Beckham who works for UNICEF but I can still contribute through my More...

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Trend Micro Internet Security 2008

Yes! The Beta version was launched yesterday and I just finished testing it! The internet security giant Trend Micro has launched it’s another powerful security software – The Trend Micro Internet Security 2008. The red devils have packed the engine with loads of powerful security features, tarnished with the More...

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Upload Music to Friendster or MySpace

Please note that this post has been updated. Visit the new post HERE

Hi there guys.. Im writing here to help out those who want to have their own music played on Friendster and wish not to use a third-party software for their players..This simple tutorial is More...

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Job Interveiw FAQs

Guten Tag boys und girls… Im here today to talk to you kids more about interviews. Have either of youse been into the situation where the interviewer asked you the most super ridiculous questions or some tricky questions that makes you wonder about the intelligence level of that person who More...

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Boys vs Girls

Welcome boys and girls!! As usual, Im going to come up with some topic to talk about. Since Ive been having some complications lately with my personal life, this topic has got into my attention in the end and I would like to have you kids to join me to More...

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Error 678: Remote computer did not respond

Hi there guys.. Im posting this for those Malaysians running streamyx and complaining about the internet connection..Dont blame TMNet for no connection when it is YOU who cant troubleshoot your connection..Believe me, im thankful to streamyx for providing broadband coz when I was abroad in a country where DSL is More...

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Job Scammers

Its me again boys and girls…

Im here again to tell you another story about job scammers. Since I started my job hunt, I have been scammed so many times SOO many ways too! (Oh scammers, you are everywhere arent you?) So here is a story about a new type More...

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Break the addiction

Hello boys and girls… Have any of you heard of the term global warming before? Yes… Repeat after me… Glo-bal warm-ing…. Yes.. Correct. Now let me tell you more about global warming. (more…)

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Art & Everyday Life

Hello! I’m here to join the fun and add a little spice to this blog. Well not really. I’m the third blogger to make a little contribution to this lovely site (now that I’m here :P) My interests vary from everyday mundane things to digital art and interior design. So More...

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N95 5MPx close-up test

Hi there guys..Well, I just repaired my laptop this morning..Took me two hours to open the whole Travelmate 4050, dig into the problem and re-assemble it – compared to half an hour for a desktop -_-” So I found the problem, took an image of the component..Well, the chip was More...

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