Negarakuku and it’s verdicts

Well guys, the title itself says a lot..This is a song which hit the video community drastically and make a sort of debut pretty quick..His previous song which was famous was about Muar and the surroundings of it..Lets not talk about the previous hit.. Lyrics translation and the rest of More...

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Maxis Family Plan and they love DiGi

Hello everybody..You can see that the blog has been updated with new themes..Features maintained the same..Two new blogger joint the fun..Expect more exciting stuff coming..I just got a call from Maxis the other day and I have something very interesting to share with all of you..Yeah, Maxis plan – More...

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Do we really need a 2nd Penang Bridge??

Hello again boys and girls… Today I would like to talk a little bit about the news that I heard today about our beloved country. It was said that Malaysia has obtained the biggest amount of loan from China for building the second Penang bridge. I mean come on More...

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King Cobra

Hello boys and girls!! Have you ever seen this or heard this before? “Job Vancancies : Sales and Marketing Executives” or my all time favourite, “Looking for Management Trainer”. Wicked! Dont you think? You dont need to have experiences, you can shove your degrees/masters/diploma and the rest up your arses More...

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Nokia n76 talent competition – Rate me!

Hi guys..Well, straight to the point, I joint Nokia N76’s “Your talent for Nokia NSeries” recently and I made some designs for the Nokia’s new superior clamshell..To all my friends, I would like you to evaluate my work and rate it for me..High ratings are welcomed :D

This More...

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The Best File Hosting solution – Boxstr

Yes, today, Im going to introduce a file hosting to you guys..It’s a good question if you ask me what is it for? File hosting is where you host your files..It’s like a web hosting but you dont host a website there..So you can host your music files, images, More...

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For the flyers – Becoming a MAS pilot

A little bit of updates..Well, finally internet is working now..I’ll keep my blog updated now and then..My internet connection is finally back too..Made me wait for 5 weeks, but I have to say, Telekom did a great job today..In a day, they fixed my line and got myself running on More...

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Restart from the base

Guys, my blog has been dead for quite sometime..Well, I’m gonna start blogging again soon..This time, I’ll make it open to any field..That said, I will not just focus on techs..Anything that I come across, or interests me, I’ll just chip it in here I hope my blog will once More...

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