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I receive plenty of e-mails daily and it gets tough to answer all of them in a timely manner. What I can assure is that I do read all of them and I really appreciate your visit to my little blog here. If you would like to drop me a line, feel free to do it here.

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  1. Mohd Faizal
    #1 written by Mohd Faizal  (6 years ago)


    nak tanya kat mana bole dapat spare part Asus Garmin A50. Telefon saya terjatuh dan screen ada kesan retak. Kemungkinan lcd atau digitizer rosak. dah tanya banyak tempat tapi xde jual part.

    sekian terima kasih

  2. Mohd Faizal
    #2 written by Mohd Faizal  (6 years ago)

    Maaf A10 bukannya A50

  3. Ramiro
    #3 written by Ramiro  (7 months ago)

    Can you send me some telegram so we can start in touch?

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