Android Malaysia Community –

If you are just as enthusiast as I am in Android, I have established a community at LegenDroid. I know, there are plenty of Android communities already running everywhere on the internet. However, I’ve made LegenDroid slightly different than other communities.

There is a lot to explore in Android world. Customizations, rooting, flashing custom rom, kernel modifications, and given its Linux environment, the library is massive. Almost all Android community forums have pretty similar resources and infos. I was among the first few to venture into Android’s world in Malaysia. I learnt it the tough way. Just like most other forumers say, “Use the search tool”, “Google for it”, etc., I was bombarded with similar “solutions” too. The big problem was, what was I supposed to search? So it took a lot of reading, exploring and understanding until it finally started to make sense.

So, taking this into consideration, we always try to explain the most we can, keeping in mind that not everyone understands the in-depth portion before exploring the surface. At least, we direct the newbies to the appropriate thread. We are not Android gurus. We are end users. In fact, most of the members in LDC have contacted or interacted with me at least once before – asked basic questions which even many people still ask today. These members evolved just how I did. They read, learnt, and explored the Android world together.

I am not inviting you to join the community. I don’t have any huge plans like most other forums have. I just feel like LegenDroid has become a small family – a family that shares the same interest, always welcoming and stick together. At least I can’t live a day without visiting it at least once now. We’ve enabled Tapatalk on it too so I am as close to it as close I am to my Nexus One. :)

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