Encrypted apps access for froyo

Okay, so some of you guys are getting impatient to download the encrypted apps (such as ExZeus, Homerun Battle 3D, etc) from the market. Personally, Homerun Battle 3D is my favorite game on Android. Com2Us are the big brains behind this awesome game. However, after upgrading to Froyo, I was unable to get the game from the market. So, what we are doing here, is spoofing the build back to ERE27 on the build.prop.

Okay, I’ll cut the crap. I know you guys just need to solution for now :P Follow these steps:

1. Download file : build.prop.zip. Extract this file to your desktop or a folder you can remember. File name will be “build.prop”. Once you have extracted it, visit its folder in your terminal or command line.
eg: C:\Desktop> if your file is located at C:\Desktop>build.prop

2. Run the following ADB command:
adb remount
adb shell
cd system
mv build.prop build.prop_bak
adb push build.prop /system/build.prop
adb reboot reboot

Thats all :) This is just a temporary solution until Froyo is officially released. What we have done is backed up our current build.prop file and upload a new one. Once froyo is officially announced, just remove the build.prop, and rename the build.prop_bak to build.prop and reboot. Thats all :)


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