Google halts its unlocked selling theory

Its the spoken word of the week. Google has finally decided to get back to the old-skool strategy with their Nexus One. While it really doesn’t bother me much, its giving me an itch for the community. I still think that Google shouldn’t have given up on their strategy – not at least until Desire hits the telcos worldwide.

Personally, I don’t see much different in Nexus One with its twin HTC Desire. While HTC Desire would be the benefactor of Nexus One’s old skool market, taking Nexus One to the same market will just mean much confusion to the users, and lower the market price of the Nexus One while losing its exclusivity. I am visioning more AP (Approved Products) sets on our market and even worse, fake stuff with people conning others into believing its a real Nexus One. I have my original set already which took me a very huge hassle to bring in to Malaysia. I will think twice now if I were to send my set for warranty repairs. Thats for sure.

Not to mention the magical bootloader. I was very happy when Google decided to make the bootloader unlocking utterly easy. I believe this is the way the phones should be locked. Just good enough to provide root access to the users who really know what they are doing. Android is getting a lot more famous just because of its hacking scene. If these hacking scene can turn into an official modding world where rooting becomes the end users permanent privilege, Android will definitely kick some serious ass.

On the other hand, we will be seeing more Nexus One users on the street. I’m happy with this fact at least. Sure it makes my device looks more common among other mobile users, but I actually do want that to happen. I want the whole world to feel what Android is and experience it at least once. I want people to get out of the iLoop and spend money on a device that is worth what it’s tagged. While Android has already surpassed iPhone sales in US, I am looking forward to see it winning the battle on the world level. We’ll see what happens :)

  1. DaY
    #1 written by DaY  (9 years ago)

    true. they should have just made it open to other countries. I don’t know what they’re scared of because if Apple can make a vast move with marketing strategy, so does Google.
    I fiddled with a friend’s Nexus One before and all I could say is the phone is just amazingly fun. I love the multi-tasking capabilities! Makes everything faster!

  2. adrive
    #2 written by adrive  (9 years ago)

    I was sad when i heard about the announcement. It’s as if google has not done enough marketing research for countries like malaysia…where our telcos don’t really have locked devices until recently. People like us have always been buying unlocked devices…originally by limiting it to singapore, hk and us, that was already a bad move. Now, by totally shutting it down makes it even worse!!! Why can’t they just expand it to more countries, and also start selling them to retails at the same time?

    This way, it’ll meet demands of both emerging markets and existing ones. It just beats me.

  3. ShahZ
    #3 written by ShahZ  (9 years ago)

    @Day – Exactly. I do believe that there is still a lot of potential that Google didn’t explore in their strategies. It took second generation iPhone to land in Malaysia. It was brought in by force just like some of our friends at did. They are confident with their product, but yet they didn’t trust their own selling policies. Least that I expect now, after this collaboration with telcos, Nexus One will be brought into more countries. I really hope so.

    @adrive – Exactly! I really hope they have something really big down their sleeve. I have a feeling that instead of marketing Nexus One, they are marketing Froyo instead. Its the only logical explanation that soothes the soul for now.

  4. Amberly Irani
    #4 written by Amberly Irani  (8 years ago)

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