Google sells User Experience – NOT hardware

When Google announced that it will be closing down its Nexus One store, I was really skeptical about their reasoning of “underperforming sales”. We’re talking about Google here. NOT any puny noobs on the internet market. Now during this time, I bet the iFans were going nuts, partying about the fact that was revealed. Which suddenly stunned their party at the Google I/O.

Froyo landed. Android 2.2. The most anticipated Android’s OS waited for long time by the Androiders. That was the slap right on Apple’s farnescene skin. While Steve Jobs keep talking about magical stuff that his magical hardware does, Google lives the reality dream. They released Froyo’s coming features which wowed the world even more than when Nexus One itself was coming. They introduced Flash which has become the word of every developer’s mouth nowadays and having bad times with Apple. They made you feel what you will be getting in this user experience. Yes, they marketed their Froyo this time. NOT the Nexus One anymore. In order to experience Froyo, you will need…Yes, the hardware. That said, Google hit two birds with one stone. The intangible product will eventually sell the tangible product. If there is any company or organization that I could expect to sell this type of strategy, it would have only been Google.

This is the main reason why I’m a Google-freak. Its not just because of their excellent products, but its actually their winning business plan that makes the excellent strike. They knew their rival was tough. No one else could have released a fresh product in the market to fight against one that has already made a fortune.

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