The first camera that can take spherical 360-degree panoramas

Ricoh has announced the world’s first commercially available spherical camera — no, it isn’t shaped like a sphere: It captures spherical photos that take in the entire scene, in a 360 degree arc around you, and also from floor to ceiling (or ground to sky). Called the Theta, the camera More...

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NSA and GCHQ have broken internet encryption, created backdoors that anyone could use

This is the big one: New documents released by Edward Snowden show that the NSA and its British equivalent, GCHQ (pictured above), have cracked VPNs, SSL, and TLS — the encryption technologies that keep your data secure on the internet. The NSA program, dubbed Bullrun, took 10 years to crack More...

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Sony QX ‘lens-style’ cameras for your smartphone: Is this the future of point-and-shoots?

It’s no secret that the conventional point-and-shoot camera is dying a slow death — killed by the convenience and increasing quality of smartphone cameras. Standalone camera vendors have fought back with feature-filled models and phone/camera hybrids, but haven’t found a compelling way to combine those capabilities with the smartphone form More...

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Xbox One CPU speed boosted by 10% in vain attempt to keep up with PS4

In a move that clearly signals Microsoft’s desperation to get ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 4 by any means possible, the Xbox One’s CPU has been speed boosted from 1.6GHz to 1.75GHz — 150MHz, or just under 10%. At the same press conference, Microsoft also said that the Xbox One has entered mass More...

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Nymi wristband turns your heartbeat into an electronic key that unlocks your devices

Just about every device we use nowadays should be locked when not in use. You don’t want anyone being able to access your phone, your tablet, or your gaming and work computers. This creates a tedious amount of unlocking your devices before you want to use them. The Nymi wristband More...

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Microsoft buys Nokia’s phone business for $7.2 billion in an attempt to imitate Apple

If you thought that some kind of Grand Plan was afoot when Stephen Elop moved from Microsoft to Nokia in 2010, you were right: Microsoft has announced that it will acquire Nokia’s mobile phone business and a “broad intellectual property license” for Nokia’s patent portfolio, for 5.44 billion Euros (~$7.2 More...

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How to make a brain perceive an exoskeleton as its new body

Miguel Nicolelis is a man with a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Since claiming that he will build the robotic exoskeletal suit that enables a paraplegic to perform the opening kickoff during the next world cup, he has been scrambling to make good on his self-imposed mandate. By all More...

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Android VP Hugo Barra leaves Google, joins Chinese phone maker Xiaomi (updated)

Barely a month after he was showing off Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet Hugo Barra is departing to join Xiaomi, according toAllThingsD. Part of Google since March 2008, as the Vice President of product management for Android he’s been a regular face to anyone that’s watched Google I/O events More...

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What Americans need to know about Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s smartphones are currently sold only in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but its hire of Hugo Barra as Vice President of Xiaomi Global is a clear signal that the three-year-old company plans to break into international markets soon.

Its track record of rapid growth and savvy marketing means that it may More...

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Can Google Glass save lives? Perhaps, with this service for first responders

Much of what we see and hear about Google Glass is consumer-focused, but that doesn’t mean the product won’t have commercial or other uses. How Glass is used will be highly dependent on apps and services for the connected wearable. One company thinks Glass is the final piece of the More...

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