ASUS Padfone2 – A new beast enters the market!

Note: The ASUS Padfone2 is coming to Malaysia on the December 2012 and I am taking pre-orders at a special discounted price. Limited units only. Contact me if you are interested.

Recently, I started a new Android initiative with some of my Android Sages. We have launched a purely Android More...

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Windows 8 – Should I or should I not?

Ever since I posted the WIndows 8 offer post, I have been bombarded with questions on the Windows 8 experience. I have been answering too many of them, to the point that I have to finally write it here. If you are contemplating on whether or not to upgrade More...

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ASUS In Search of Incredible

So I attended the ASUS event on the 29th October 2012 at Mid Valley Northcourt. ASUS unveiled some pretty awesome products I have to say. These are Windows 8 devices and I have to say, I didn’t really set the expectation as high as it was feast with. See, I’m More...

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Get Windows 8 for only RM50!

I just got my Alienware a Windows 8 upgrade and I have so much to talk about it. But I’ll save that for another post later. Here I want to teach you how to get the Windows 8 for only RM50 ($14.99 USD that is). What you will need is: More...

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ASUS Vivo Tab and ASUS Vivo Tab RT announced!

ASUS, a global leader in the new digital era, has recently kicked off IFA 2012 with the announcement of two incredible new Windows 8 tablets.

First unveiled at Computex in June, the ASUS Vivo Tab and ASUS Vivo Tab RT (formerly known as the ASUS Tablet 810 and ASUS Tablet 600 respectively) open up More...

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Transformer TF101 to get Jelly Bean!

The wait is over friends! ASUS has officially announced that Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean is coming very soon to the TF101! This was confirmed to me by ASUS officials. Word has it that the Slider will also be having the update around the same time. As for newer devices? You guys More...

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PR ASUS S Series S56 Ultrabook open with side profile a

ASUS Ultrabook™ S Series

ASUS has one of the meanest yet sexiest looking ultrabooks. And things are just about to get awesomeR!

The ASUS Ultrabook™ S Series offers a combined performance with flexibility of hybrid SSD/hard drive and optical storage in a sleek form factor. At just 21mm in profile, they are the only More...

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Apple vs Samsung Battle – What’s your choice?

Now, there are rumors that the next iPhone is launching soon. We all know how the world is going to respond to this, of course. But Samsung has made another statement that they will be releasing the new Galaxy Note BEFORE the release of iPhone 5. How does this affect More...

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Getting the $25 Google Wallet for Nexus 7 outside US

I know this is going to be one of the most common questions that most Malaysians who own the nexus 7 will ask me. Yes, Google is offering $25 wallet for apps purchase but its only for US – but you guessed that already huh? Fear not, we are not More...

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Nexus 7 joins the tablet family!

Let me start off first by saying that this is not another unboxing of the nexus 7. I received plenty of requests to write a review on this device (even by my ASUS contacts person himself) so I couldn’t help myself but writing about it. I have already promise myself More...

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