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Little that you want to write about yourself, it gets tougher figuring out you really are. So I look into the mirror and glance at myself asking, “Who are you Shahz?”. That’s when you start to speak of yourself and suddenly there’s too much about yourself.

Basically, what tops everything for me, is that I’m a dreamer – BIG time! Only thing is, dream is part of my reality. If that doesnt make sense, in simple words, it would literarily mean, “I try my level best to achieve what I want – and I’ve done pretty well so far.” If you don’t dream or you have never dreamt of something before, start it now then. Without it, you’re goin nowhere.

Web Developer, I am a WordPress freak. I can sit down and just admire WordPress for one whole day but lets keep that aside for our cup of coffee talk. I’ve developed websites since 1997 and to date, I have developed more than 500 websites – at least the ones I’ve tracked..lol.. I have my own team of web developer now under the title The Lime Design. I like to have fun in work so I can not have a boss. Too Bad eh? To know more about The Lime Design, keep yourself subscribed to the blog and I will update more on it.

Next thing my self told me about me is that I’m a very big fan of Ferrari. So big, that its been in my top wishlist since I first had my 1:35 scale in 1994. I hope I will purchase it one day though. Guys at Ferrari, if you are reading this for any reasons, why not sponsor me my favorite F430 for a stunning looking website (another dream of mine..lol..)? :D

If this is not getting too long yet, I’m a Googler. No, that sounds common. I’m a Google freak. Naah, still too easy. Google’s bitch? Whatever..The point is, if geeks ever had a religion, it should be Google. Their Bible would be Google Docs, their messenger would be GoogleTalk, their community would be Google Mail, their heaven would be Google Mail, their hell would be Google Adsense, etc. Basically, they have set a standard of rules to setup a religion on earth. I love Google!

Speaking about Google, I’m an Androider. For the love of Android, I’ve started a little community for Malaysians as part of my duty to spread the love. I can pretty much happily declare, that I am a proud first Malaysian to adapt the Google Nexus One – at least among all the Malaysian Android users I’ve known. 5th January 2010, 04:00am GMT +8:00 was the date when Google’s gates to Nexus One were opened and I immediately ordered my unit which was shipped on the same day itself. This clearly shows I’m a die hard Android fan. There are lots of other Android fans, but, yo, this is my page :P If you want to join our Malaysian Android Community (Mac – ironic huh? :P), you can visit our community at LegenDroid Community.

Alienware..ftw..after Apple’s Macs :P See, I’m ont a bias person. What is good, is good indeed. I’m an Apple user, Zune owner, and Android fan..

I’m an asian if it matters at all and being a mixed blood gives me full authority to hate racists. Race doesnt matter at all.

I have a good faith and belief in god. Don’t be offended, but I just believe that we’re here for a reason and there must be some answers we need to seek out on why are we on this earth at the first place. Some people don’t like to discuss about it, so lets pass.

I make friends easily and its usually very hard to find me very personal to someone. If one day we have a quarrel, it means we’re upclose and personal now :) Some of you reading this are aware of it.

This blog was the first domain I bought myself many years back. It expired a few times, but I think I’ll just use it to shout at the world which will not be listening to what I say anyway. I guess that’s pretty much about it. If you guys need to talk to me, chat with me in the chatbox. Easy :)

  1. Catalin Zorzini
    #1 written by Catalin Zorzini  (8 years ago)


    My name is Catalin and I run Inspired Mag

    Just come across your website – awesome work, I really like your style!

    Was wondering if you’d like to write a small guest piece for us (anything on web design / inspiration / social media etc) or even get your own regular column on Inspired Mag, like Thorren or Tiago.

    This way we could offer you a lot of exposure and promote your blog to the entire design community via the intro & outro of every post and via our 35k Twitter acoount.

    What do you think?


    Catalin Zorzini

    PS: We have ~ 7k uniques per day and 42k readers & followers.

    • ShahZ
      #2 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Sounds good to me, but perhaps e-mailing would be a better way to communicate instead of commenting here?

      • Shah
        #3 written by Shah  (8 years ago)

        Agree, emailing would be a better way but i can’t find ur email in this website.

      • Jdjjdjd
        #4 written by Jdjjdjd (8 months ago)

        Dear Shahz are you here? Email me please to: jobline(at)protonmail(dot)ch

        I need some advices to manage Android systems.


  2. Roland Stingelin
    #5 written by Roland Stingelin  (8 years ago)

    Dear Mr. Shahz
    I recently bought A50 Nüvifon based on your comments/testing. We have applied for MM2H Malaysia and propably will be again in Malaysia in December 2011.
    Which kind of free road-map do you suggest for A50?. I understand there will be some instructions regarding downloading?. I am quite familiar with computers but a “newcomer” with GPS.
    Many thanks for your help.
    Roland Stingelin

  3. nurfa
    #6 written by nurfa  (8 years ago)

    hello.may i have ur email address?i would like to ask something on android apps. thank you

  4. Steven
    #7 written by Steven  (7 years ago)

    Hi Shah, when can I get in touch with you? Drop me an email soon. :)

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