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My Android wish

Almost two years ago, the first Android phone came to the scene. I was kinda excited back then because I was already following its verdicts before it was even released. My first Android phone was the HTC Hero (which was lost when it was being shipped to SIS for warranty More...

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No Froyo for Garmin Asus A10

Many have been waiting, plenty have given up. This is what has happened in the Garmin-Asus community at the moment. As the frustration heats, I have some sad news to share. We might not get Froyo for the A10 at all.

I got a verbal word from one of More...

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Love me some Gingerbread!

When I first bought the Nexus One, my intentions were to get a powerful phone that fulfills all my requirements. 1GHz Snapdragon sounded yummy. And as the features list went on, I already knew I was going to get it before it was even launched – which drove me to More...

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Got Invited by ASUS for Garmin-ASUS A10 review

I’ve been playing with Android OS for over a year now and I have to say, the journey has not only been interesting, but rather adventurous. So far, I have played with ALL available Android phones in the market ranging from HTC Smart and HTC Tattoo all the way to More...

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