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Why no Froyo on Garmin Asus A10 doesn’t bother me

So we had confirmed sources saying there will be no Froyo on the A10. I wasn’t really surprised when I was told about that and I didn’t have any problems with not having Froyo upgrade. Several reasons that I would like to specify:

OS upgrades are never ending

When the More...

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No Froyo for Garmin Asus A10

Many have been waiting, plenty have given up. This is what has happened in the Garmin-Asus community at the moment. As the frustration heats, I have some sad news to share. We might not get Froyo for the A10 at all.

I got a verbal word from one of More...

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Love me some Gingerbread!

When I first bought the Nexus One, my intentions were to get a powerful phone that fulfills all my requirements. 1GHz Snapdragon sounded yummy. And as the features list went on, I already knew I was going to get it before it was even launched – which drove me to More...

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The difference between Froyo A2SD, A2SD and A2SD+

One of the glories of using Android is having an SD card for storage rather than having internal-only memory. Thanks to Android’s Linux blood, you can even harness the power of the SD card beyond its usual file storage capabilities. On Android, your internal memory is precious and you do More...

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Encrypted apps access for froyo

Okay, so some of you guys are getting impatient to download the encrypted apps (such as ExZeus, Homerun Battle 3D, etc) from the market. Personally, Homerun Battle 3D is my favorite game on Android. Com2Us are the big brains behind this awesome game. However, after upgrading to Froyo, I was More...

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Google sells User Experience – NOT hardware

When Google announced that it will be closing down its Nexus One store, I was really skeptical about their reasoning of “underperforming sales”. We’re talking about Google here. NOT any puny noobs on the internet market. Now during this time, I bet the iFans were going nuts, partying about More...

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