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Android VP Hugo Barra leaves Google, joins Chinese phone maker Xiaomi (updated)

Barely a month after he was showing off Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet Hugo Barra is departing to join Xiaomi, according toAllThingsD. Part of Google since March 2008, as the Vice President of product management for Android he’s been a regular face to anyone that’s watched Google I/O events More...

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What Americans need to know about Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s smartphones are currently sold only in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but its hire of Hugo Barra as Vice President of Xiaomi Global is a clear signal that the three-year-old company plans to break into international markets soon.

Its track record of rapid growth and savvy marketing means that it may More...

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Google Makes Mobile App Analytics More Flexible With New Tag Manager, Services SDK

After demoing it at Google I/O earlier this year, Google Analytics today launched its Tag Manager for Mobile Apps and Google Analytics Services SDK for Android and iOS. These tools, Google says, will make it easier for app developers to make changes to their analytics setup even after they have published an app.

Google introduced Tag Manager for websites last October. More...

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Multi Player Multi Screen

Turn Your Android Devices to Gaming Controller

Google’s latest Chrome Experiment called Super Sync Sports, a side-scrolling game with colorful animation and simple, yet addictive is unveils to the Web. To play this game, a tablet or a smartphone can be used, with a smartphone preferred to use than a larger tablet. Syncing is achieved by using Chrome for Mobile/iPhone, so More...

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Nexus 7 joins the tablet family!

Let me start off first by saying that this is not another unboxing of the nexus 7. I received plenty of requests to write a review on this device (even by my ASUS contacts person himself) so I couldn’t help myself but writing about it. I have already promise myself More...

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android love

My Android wish

Almost two years ago, the first Android phone came to the scene. I was kinda excited back then because I was already following its verdicts before it was even released. My first Android phone was the HTC Hero (which was lost when it was being shipped to SIS for warranty More...

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OpenCart header navigation (three level list)

Recently, I had a bite of Open Cart to build a new website for a client. Its still in development, but the outcome seems promising. I have to say, as much as I had heard about Open Cart, it really is a great piece of web application. My journey with More...

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google doodle x-ray

Google Doodle celebrates 115 years of X-Ray

If there is one website I just can’t get bored visiting, its Google. Not to search because I can do that by just typing the keywords in my Chrome browser – but rather just to check out if there is any doodle of the day on their site. Today’s Google More...

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Google Map Maker

First up, let’s get a common misconception out of the way: Google Map Maker is not the My Maps feature in Google Maps. They’re 2 separate things altogether.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, what is Google Map Maker? According to the intro page:

Google Map Maker allows you to contribute, share and edit map information for


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Google halts its unlocked selling theory

Its the spoken word of the week. Google has finally decided to get back to the old-skool strategy with their Nexus One. While it really doesn’t bother me much, its giving me an itch for the community. I still think that Google shouldn’t have given up on their strategy – More...

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