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Google sells User Experience – NOT hardware

When Google announced that it will be closing down its Nexus One store, I was really skeptical about their reasoning of “underperforming sales”. We’re talking about Google here. NOT any puny noobs on the internet market. Now during this time, I bet the iFans were going nuts, partying about More...

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Google halts its unlocked selling theory

Its the spoken word of the week. Google has finally decided to get back to the old-skool strategy with their Nexus One. While it really doesn’t bother me much, its giving me an itch for the community. I still think that Google shouldn’t have given up on their strategy – More...

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Apple has an app for that but you only get to pick

Yesterday, I posted about how applications should decide our OS and not the other way round. While having a wide variety of applications is an excellent approach in promoting an OS, the OS itself should also be able to accomodate everything that it promises. (more…)

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