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Encrypted apps access for froyo

Okay, so some of you guys are getting impatient to download the encrypted apps (such as ExZeus, Homerun Battle 3D, etc) from the market. Personally, Homerun Battle 3D is my favorite game on Android. Com2Us are the big brains behind this awesome game. However, after upgrading to Froyo, I was More...

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Google sells User Experience – NOT hardware

When Google announced that it will be closing down its Nexus One store, I was really skeptical about their reasoning of “underperforming sales”. We’re talking about Google here. NOT any puny noobs on the internet market. Now during this time, I bet the iFans were going nuts, partying about More...

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Google halts its unlocked selling theory

Its the spoken word of the week. Google has finally decided to get back to the old-skool strategy with their Nexus One. While it really doesn’t bother me much, its giving me an itch for the community. I still think that Google shouldn’t have given up on their strategy – More...

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