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Rather an innovative gadget - ASUS Padfone

ASUS Padfone – Coming Soon!

Today, its coming has been officially announced. The Padfone is what the name says – a padfone. Interesting enough, its a combination of a phone and a tablet and you can use the tablet to charge the phone as well. A rather innovative product joining the mobile line of the More...

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Why no Froyo on Garmin Asus A10 doesn’t bother me

So we had confirmed sources saying there will be no Froyo on the A10. I wasn’t really surprised when I was told about that and I didn’t have any problems with not having Froyo upgrade. Several reasons that I would like to specify:

OS upgrades are never ending

When the More...

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android love

My Android wish

Almost two years ago, the first Android phone came to the scene. I was kinda excited back then because I was already following its verdicts before it was even released. My first Android phone was the HTC Hero (which was lost when it was being shipped to SIS for warranty More...

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Android Virus Alert – What does this mean?

I am pretty sure you guys have read about the recent virus outbreak on Android. If you haven’t, well, there has been one (again) yesterday. Codenamed “Gemini”, its one of the most sophisticated Android malware on earth so far. It has capabilities of sending your personal data to a remote More...

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Love me some Gingerbread!

When I first bought the Nexus One, my intentions were to get a powerful phone that fulfills all my requirements. 1GHz Snapdragon sounded yummy. And as the features list went on, I already knew I was going to get it before it was even launched – which drove me to More...

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Garmin Asus A50 detailed review (vs A10)

Now, this might explain the one week gap that has been on my blog. Thanks to the guys at ASUS, I have had an A50 in the house over the past two weeks. After using it, here is my very bullish review on it. Bear in mind, this is also More...

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Android Debugging Bridge

ADB installation and how to logcat

One of the most important tools in Android is the ADB (short for “Android Debugging Bridge”). This tool comes together with the Android SDK. Even more important is its logcat tool. Logcat is very useful when it comes to identifying errors and problems in Android. However, since logcat is an More...

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The difference between Froyo A2SD, A2SD and A2SD+

One of the glories of using Android is having an SD card for storage rather than having internal-only memory. Thanks to Android’s Linux blood, you can even harness the power of the SD card beyond its usual file storage capabilities. On Android, your internal memory is precious and you do More...

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What is Dalvik Cache?

Dalvik Virtual Machine

One of the best functions of Android has to be the Dalvik cache. Dalvik cache is a wonder from the point your Android starts up, runs, hibernates and all the way till you device shuts down. Dalvik cache collects the information about the installed applications and frameworks, More...

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