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Android Virus Alert – What does this mean?

I am pretty sure you guys have read about the recent virus outbreak on Android. If you haven’t, well, there has been one (again) yesterday. Codenamed “Gemini”, its one of the most sophisticated Android malware on earth so far. It has capabilities of sending your personal data to a remote More...

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Give us G2 root T-Mobile!

I bet you guys have heard the recent new on t-mobile’s G2 temporary root issue. Let me just quote part of what they have defended on their side:

Code-Level Modifications to the G2

As pioneers in Android-powered mobile devices, T-Mobile and HTC strive to support innovation.  The


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Android – What is Root, Superuser & custom software?

I know Android is still a new thing in our country. Users who bought Android because they are either geeks, Linux gurus, adventurers, and explorers has passed. Now, Android is reaching a state where new users are following rather than doing their researches first. Credit goes to these people from More...

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